Self Examination is Best Tool to Detect Early Signs of Cancer, Say Doctors

25-Jul-2012 | News-Press Release

In today’s busy life, we usually neglect the changes that our body goes through. Unusual lumps, bumps, masses and changes in skin color or texture on different body parts, sudden change in bowel habits and unexplained loss of weight are a few of the common symptoms which go unnoticed but play an important role in formation of cancer in early detection of cancer.


Addressing the importance of Self-examination (primary prevention) in detecting cancer at early stage, Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre organized a press conference.


Dr. Ramesh Dawar, Director Academics emphasizing the urgency said, “Every individual experience changes as he/she grows with age, from infant, toddler to active adult. Change and growth is persistent, may that be physical or mental. You are the most familiar with these changes and phases of your body. But, the problem lies within each one of us as we neglect these changes and ignore them.”


Often, the changes that occur in our body could be the sign of underlying medical condition, like an unexplained intermenstrual spotting could indicate a cancer in the cervix.


“We need to practice monthly head-to-toe self examination of our body, so that we can find any new or changing lesion that might be cancerous or precancerous” Dr. Niranjan B. Naik, Consultant – Surgical Oncology Said.


“While examining your breast, one should look for lumps and hard knot or thickening inside the breast or underarm area. Swelling, warmth, redness or darkening of the breast, change in the size or shape of the breast, dimpling or puckering of the skin, itchy, scaly sore or rash on the nipple and new pain in one spot that doesn’t go away,” Dr. Meenu Walia, Consultant – Medical Oncologist, Dharamshila Hospital added.

Dr. Ashe Sahai, A Gynaecologist by profession and a cancer survivor said “Being a gynaecologist, I have met many women who came to me with a doubt / symptoms of cancer after self examination but I never thought I may be the one among all these women. During our cancer screening programme, Dr. Dawar suggested me to enroll myself in cancer screening programme and I was shocked when I got the test results. I was cancer positive, luckily, it was detected at very early stage, I got treatment on time and now I am a cancer survivor and enjoying my life happily with my family.


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