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McCann Investigations Houston Computer Forensics Division Releases White Paper on Identity Theft Victims and the Use of Private Investigations

31-Aug-2012 | Houston, Texas | News-Press Release

McCann Investigations, a Texas-based private investigations and computer forensics firm released a white paper titled Victims of Identity Theft Should Consider Hiring a Private Investigator. Co-written by an 18 year veteran in law enforcement and a subject matter expert in private investigations and security, this paper explores the complexities of identity theft investigations and focuses on the steps that a victim must take to assist law enforcement in the investigation. This includes the use of services provided by a private investigative firm with computer forensics background who can examine devices for evidence of network breach and safeguard potential future breaches. The information gathered in the digital forensic examination can provide law enforcement with the evidence they need to track down the perpetrator.

"McCann Investigations releases white paper which explores the complexities of identity theft investigations and focuses on the steps that a victim must take to assist law enforcement in the investigation." - [Pre-Approved Quote]

"These crimes often don't get the attention that is needed because there is not enough man power to pursue a case with little or no leads." said John Shirley, Investigative Sergeant, Financial Crimes Unit. "Active participation from the victim in gathering the data needed by the investigator is crucial. Hiring a private investigations company with computer forensics expertise can help do the leg work, discover leads and save time." continued Shirley.

Often the perpetrators use spyware and key loggers that the victim has inadvertently allowed to be installed on a desk top or lap top. This malware allows the perpetrator to harvest information about the victim. This data can include login information, passwords, bank account numbers and social security numbers. This data makes it possible for criminals to open fraudulent accounts or trick financial institutions into transferring funds out of an account.

"With so much of our financial business taking place online, it is much easier for criminals to get confidential personal information and use it commit fraud." said Daniel Weiss, Private Investigator and Partner at McCann Investigations. "We have seen an increase in cases where our clients believe that they have spyware installed on their computers." continued Weiss.

IP address subscriber information is basically who the internet service provider has assigned a particular IP address to at a specific date, time, and time zone. Since most residential IP addresses are assigned dynamically, multiple people may be assigned the same address on any given day which is why time and time zone are very important. Once the police investigator gets the subpoena response on the IP address, he knows from which address (or cell phone number if it's an IP address assigned to a cell phone data plan) the fraudulent transactions were made. This is primary source of potential suspect information for online identity theft. "Computer forensics examination of the victims laptops, desk tops and other devices can help to determine how the breach happened." said Gary Huestis, Director of Forensic Services at McCann Investigations. "Of key importance for law enforcement are the IP addresses gathered in the computer forensics examination." continued Huestis.

About McCann Investigations:
McCann Investigations provides the complete case solution with Hybrid Investigations. The truth lies in many forms - digital and physical. McCann Investigators follow the trail and decipher the information regardless if the evidence is in digital form, such as electronically stored information found on computers, mobile phones, or other electronic devices or if the investigation requires traditional PI tools such as surveillance, undercover work or detailed record searches. McCann Investigators final product to you is a clearer understanding of what has happened or what is occurring. Clarity and the discovery of truth allows our clients to respond and recover.

McCann Investigations is based out of our state-of-the-art forensic labs in Houston, which provide the latest in computer forensic and IT security technology. Our investigators combine digital skills with traditional private investigative techniques to provide you with an one-stop solution for your investigative needs. Our lab houses our computer forensics and electronic discovery service along with our databases, surveillance technology, and undercover investigators. Our investigators are experienced in providing expert witness testimony, including computer forensic testimony, in courts across Texas. Although we are headquartered in Houston, our investigators live in and work in cities all across Texas.

Call us toll-free at 800-713-7670 or speak to a local investigator:
Austin Computer Forensics: 512-201-2965
Houston Computer Forensics: 281-456-2474
Dallas Computer Forensics: 214-613-1529
Lubbock Computer Forensics: 806-589-0320
Lufkin Computer Forensics: 936-585-4070
Brownsville Computer Forensics: 956-465-0849

Contact McCann Investigations:
Name: McCann Investigations
Address: 5205 Spruce, Houston, TX - 77401
Ph. No.: (800) 713-7670 or (281) 456-2474
Email Id.:

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