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The Adventures of Cowboy Mike and Winston - What Makes It The Ideal Children's Read?

14-Jul-2023 | Prescott, Arizona | News-Press Release

The adorable banter between Winston and Cowboy Mike is not just fun to read but also teaches you some great lessons.


Nowadays, children are more occupied with their phones than with learning materials. Instead of going out to play in the park, most are cooped up in their beds, playing games or watching videos.


The first eight years of life are crucial for a child's brain development. It's not the time for handing them gadgets and extended screen time. It is the time for gentle parenting, bedtime stories, and picture books.


Picture books are the best learning medium to instill healthy habits in your child. They serve as a window to another realm, where they can fly, fight some bad guys and save the day. They also learn the differences between good and evil, love and hurt, and also the importance of friendships and emotions.


Cowboy Mike and Winston also want to teach children something important. Micheal D. Eastwood's A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston is an adventure-logue of Cowboy Mike and his pony, Winston. Although they are always busy having fun and working to care for each other, there are hidden lessons in their story that parents and children should know.


It Teaches Time Management

Time management is the first thing that paves the road to success.


A person who knows how to spend their day productively tends to achieve more and miss fewer opportunities. Time management is not an easy skill to master for young ones, especially when they have shorter attention spans and so much to explore around them. However, you can make them realize its value through Cowboy Mike's devotion to caring for Winston, his pony.


A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston can teach children how to tell time on a clock, the difference between minutes, hours, days, and nights in a playful way. It also teaches them how to divide this time to work more in less time.


Sense of Responsibility

Why do you think Cowboy Mike takes care of Winston so much?


Because he loves him and is responsible for him. Owning a pet is a significant responsibility; as an owner, you have to provide them with food and shelter and keep them clean to avoid the spread of germs. As owners, you must keep them safe and protected as a sign of your love and affection for them.


Cowboy Mike also does the same for Winston. He feeds, cleans, and protects him, giving him a home to live in. Why? Because as Winston's Owner, Cowboy Mike is responsible for him.


Self-Care Before Others

How can you care for your pet if you cannot care for yourself? Not at all.


Suppose you're sleepy because you stayed up all night. Can you take your pet out for a walk or give it a bath when you are tired? You will probably nap in the park rather than walk your pet.


Therefore, taking care of your needs is vital to becoming a strong owner of your animals, just Like Cowboy Mike, who always goes to bed early and completes his hours of sleep to wake up all fresh and cheery for another exciting and cheerful day with his favorite pony.


Cowboy Mike Can Teach You a Lot About Ponies!

Did you know that Ponies need a lot of water to stay hydrated all day? You can learn more amazing things like these in Michael D. Eastwood's pet log, A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston. This children's author hopes to spread awareness among kids about ponies and how to care for them. From bright, eye-catching illustrations to easy-to-read writing, the adventures of Cowboy Mike and Winston are an ode to the beautiful bond between Micheal D. Eastwood and his pet pony.


Delve into the world of friendly smiles and cheerful neighs with A Day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston to teach your child meaningful life lessons. For more information visit or


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