Dovetail Machine and Wood Clamps Assessment of Machine Hazards

15-Jan-2012 | News-Press Release

It is very important to assess machine hazards for machinery like bin tipper , dovetail machine, edge banding machine, etc. to prevent human injury & death. No matter, which industry you are in, it is very essential to maintain industrial equipment and tools like wood cutting tools , wood clamps, dovetail machine, magnetic drill , edge banding machine, edge cutter, mortise chisel , chisel mortiser, wood CNC router, etc. in good condition. This will extend the life of the machinery and will not affect productivity or cause disruption in routine activities.

It is very important to carry maintenance procedure for industrial equipment and tools like mortise chisel, chisel mortiser , wood CNC router, turret lathe etc. Maintenance process will keep the machinery working in good condition all the times and will increase its efficiency. Besides maintenance, it is very important to install machine safety guards to prevent human injury or death. Machine related hazards may appear during machinery installation, operation or maintenance.

Safety guards are designed to get rid of potential hazards of machinery. You should adopt hazard control methods, which can reduce the hazard levels to a great extent. Selection of hazard control methods should be done on the basis of hazard control hierarchy. Manufacturer of machines usually design these guards.

All important details like installation process, operation and maintenance are specified in the manufacturer’s manual. However, there may be certain hazards which may take place after the machinery is installed at plant site. Possibility is there that such hazards have not being included in the safety manual. Such problems are very common and are result of various factors like extreme process condition or interaction with nearest moving equipment.

Identify the machinery

The first thing you should do is identify machinery like dovetail machine, edge banding machine edge cutter , etc. operated in your industry. Industrial equipment can be identified based on their types, area of their placement & source of energy used for operating machines. This will let you identify machines, which will be helpful in assessment of machinery hazards, before you determine safety guards. Assessment of machinery hazards for safety

Even though, you have a safety manual with you still it is very important to assess machine hazards of various industrial tools like wood cutting tools , wood clamps, etc. and risk assessment to ensure that no hazards are left out to be assessed.

To read more about importance and details of maintenance process for wood cutting tools, wood clamps, dovetail machine, edge banding machine, edge cutter, mortise chisel, chisel mortiser and wood CNC router , you can refer to related sites on Internet.

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