Imagine Life Without Telecommunication Services

20-Feb-2012 | News-Press Release

I often wonder what the world would be like without telecommunications engineering or technology. What would our lives be like? Then I remember there are still many people in South Africa who have no telecommunications services. It is usually because of remote living locations and poverty. Are we so caught up with our lives and prosperity that we have forgotten such people or are they content with their way of life? When you examine telecommunication services in a South African perspective, approximately 50% of South Africans live in poverty which obviously means that most of these people put telecommunications way down on their list of priorities.


Unfortunately because poverty stricken people do not have access to basic telecommunication services, they do not have access to as much information we do. It is like living in the dark ages or with your eyes closed but it is not their fault poverty has put them in this situation. The question is how do we as a country help people affected by poverty realise how important telecommunication and technology is? Or better yet how do we make it possible for people in rural areas to get these services? The simplest way is for the government and the private sector to work together to remedy this situation. When I say this I do not mean go to these impoverished areas and hand out televisions and other items for free, instead creating employment will see the reduction in unemployment levels which will decrease poverty. This way we are “killing two birds with one stone” because creating jobs will mean people have money to improve their lives and that includes buying telecommunications services which everybody needs. This whole process starts with education, therefore, we need to educate the masses about how telecommunications can benefit them.


Consider how telecommunications has changed your everyday life, we have telephones, radio, television, cellphones and the internet. These enhance our lives in ways we seem to take for granted. Once technology is integrated into our lifestyle we tend to forget the importance of it and will only realise the impact once it is gone. We do not see how lucky we are to be able to afford technology that improves our lives. However, as technology becomes more advanced it also becomes more affordable and herein lies the ability to penetrate a wider audience.


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