Dr.Philip Defina Speaks at Brain Injury Fair 2012

02-Apr-2012 | News-Press Release

Flanders, NJ ( prsafe ) March 29, 2012 - The human brain is an amazingly intricate and powerful organ. Scientists and doctors have been studying the brain for centuries, and even though it is better understood now than ever before, we are only at the very beginning stages of fully understanding and treating this amazingly complex three-pound tissue we call the brain. Fortunately, with modern technology and the efforts of individuals like Dr. DeFina and a growing group of innovative researchers, the world is experiencing something of a renaissance in the comprehension of the brain and its functions. Dr. DeFina is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF)- an organization on the cutting edge of brain research and neuroscience. The organization is dedicated to performing unique, novel research in order to establish new treatments and therapies to help those afflicted with diseases, disorders and injuries of the brain.

It has been said that people are essentially the product of their minds. As life expectancies rise, more people are seeing their brains deteriorate before their bodies are ready to expire. Brain disorders such as dementia and specifically Alzheimer's Disease, can be tragic for people and their families, especially when a person is in otherwise good health. When the brain starts to deteriorate, it hasan adverse effect on the individual's identity as a human being. Thanks to the IBRF and its collaborating scientific institutions, important new research is being done on the concept of the aging brain. In fact, the research performed by the IBRF has led to new techniques and procedures to reduce the effects of disorders common to the aging brain. As a result of some of the preliminary findings, we are getting positive feedback that families have been able to experience the presence of their loved ones well into the golden years of their lives. New advanced treatments have developed from the IBRF's research; people suffering from age-related brain disorders have now been able to regain cognitive functions such as short-term memory and auditory and visual attention span.

As recently reported in USA Today, Alzheimer's research cannot get to the next level without greater funding. It is estimated that in order to conquer Alzheimer's the US Government needs to appropriate at least $2 Billion per year, according to William Thies, Chief Medical and Scientific Officer for the Alzheimer's Association. Thus far there has been a $50 Million increase in funding for 2012 which will boost it to $498 million annually, which is only 25% of the total goal. Alzheimer's is the sixth leading cause of death in the US with approximately 5.4 million individuals living with this disease in America. Another startling and critical statistic is that that we currently pay over $200 Billion per year in medical services for Alzheimer's with costs estimating to rise to as high as $1.1 trillion dollars by 2050 according to USA today. "These new research initiatives should include more aggressive multi-modal treatment options." according to Dr. DeFina.

In addition to researching and finding new treatments for disorders related to the aging brain, Dr. DeFina and the International Brain Research Foundation are involved in researching numerous other brain disorders. These include learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy syndromes and Tourette's syndrome. Additionally, the IBRF is in the midst of researching disorders associated with Autism and ADHD spectrums. Many younger individuals afflicted with these disorders would not otherwise lead normal lives. By performing valuable and unique clinical research, the organization has been able to begin developing advanced care initiatives to treat them.

The human brain is a magnificent organ, although it is also the most misunderstood organ of the human body. The brain is the center of consciousness and it is what gives humans their distinctive place within the universe. When the brain is not healthy, it can prevent individuals from experiencing life fully. Thankfully, Dr. DeFina and the International Brain Research Foundation have been able to fight successfully against some of the most debilitating brain disorders. The IBRF is dedicated to building a greater understanding of the human brain, and it will succeed thanks to the efforts of dedicated medical professionals, distinguished neuroscientists, and the generous support of individuals donating money, time, and effort.

Most of all, Dr. DeFina would like to thank the many individuals who are currently working hard at their recoveries and teaching us all along the way.


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