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11-Apr-2012 | News-Press Release

Exabyzness.com provides small business owners with a time-saving way to benefit from the best content in this knowledge economy, and avoid the debilitating effects of information overload.   

One of the most beneficial gifts that can be given to a small business owner is knowledge that can be used to prosper - Exabyzness provides exactly this type of information in a format that is fast and easy to digest.   

Lou Escalante is Chief Editor and has been responsible for the creation and development of Exabyzness:  “Exabyzness is about one thing above all others - serving the information needs of the small business owner.  There are literally hundreds of information sources creating new content every day, and few business owners have the time or ability to filter them.  That’s what we do; we check out hundreds of the best small business sources daily - tweets, blogs, online journals, aggregate readers, research providers – and select what we believe are the top four stories business owners need to see and understand.  And, if you watch our daily video summary, you can stay abreast of the most important content in less than three minutes.”

Small business owners can read the day’s top 4 stories in each of 8 small business categories:

1) Today’s News (http://www.exabyzness.com/todays-news);
2) Emerging Trends (http://www.exabyzness.com/emerging-trends/);
3) Cutting Edge (http://www.exabyzness.com/the-cutting-edge/);
4) Driving Revenue (http://www.exabyzness.com/driving-revenue/);
5) Leadership (http://www.exabyzness.com/leadership-and-strategy/);
6) HR (http://www.exabyzness.com/hr-benefits-payroll/);
7) Money (http://www.exabyzness.com/money);
8) Taxes, Laws and Regulations (http://www.exabyzness.com/taxes-laws-and-regulations/). 

Exabyzness is designed to provide the business owner with knowledge and intelligence in a minimum amount of time, and if they can make him or her smile a little, too, that’s a bonus. “Small business owners are overwhelmed just trying to run their business, Exabyzness is designed to be a three-minute oasis in a small part of their day.  We want them to look forward to the experience.”

Says Exabyzness co-founder, Scott Klososky, “If there is only one source of news that a small business person has time to digest each day, it should be Exabyzness.  It provides the best mix of topics and delivery media going today.”  

A 2010 LexisNexis Productivity Survey reported that 52 percent of professionals reported feeling demoralized when unable to manage all the information that comes their way.   But how does the business owner profit from the knowledge flowing through today’s information stream without suffering from information overload?  Social media consultant, author, and keynote speaker Scott Klososky, has an answer – Exabyzness. 
Saving time and serving the small business owner are at the heart of every Exabyzness decision -  from the daily twitter feed, to the free daily email subscription (http://www.exabyzness.com/subscribe), to the daily three-minute video summary that captures the day’s Top 5-7 stories (http://www.exabyzness.com/resources/video). 

Small businesses, professionals and individuals can receive the free daily email and video summary by subscribing on the Exabyzness home page.  Please visit www.exabyzness.com and check us out.

About Us:
Exabyzness, a new media start-up based in Boca Raton, Florida, is helping small business owners cope with ‘information overload’. A collaboration between social media expert, author and consultant, Scott Klososky, and Slavic 401k CEO John Slavic, Exabyzness.com is hosted by Chief Editor Lou Escalante, a former small business owner, writer/producer, and executive producer.

Contact Us:
Charles Couch
1075 Broken Sound Parkway NW Suite 100,
Boca Raton, FL - 33487-3540
Email: charlesc@exabyzness.com
Phone: 561-241-9244 x. 3001
Website URL: http://www.exabyzness.com

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