Fitzall Blades Helps Contractors Save Big Money

16-Jun-2012 | News-Press Release

Pittsburgh, PA ( prsafe ) June 13, 2012 - The current economic crisis experienced by Americans across the country is affecting practically every field. For those who work with their hands for a living, it has become especially challenging. In many areas of the country, people are reluctant to spend money on new construction, or even remodeling. It can be pretty tricky to maintain a business as a contractor, carpenter, plumber, builder, painter, landscaper, or any other type of craftsman. However, there are some things that a crafting professional can do to make and save more money, and stay in business. When it comes to staying in business, it's important to focus on saving cash as well as making it.

Oscillating multi tools are the order of the day, a spectacular type of tool that can be used for dozens of different types of jobs. These power tools are so versatile that you can use different blades for sawing, slicing, shaping, sanding, scraping, grinding, and other tasks. They can work on all types of wood, plus plastics, fiberglass, sheet metal, particle board, paneling, carpeting, cardboard, and many other materials. These multi tools have really caught on, and become a standard piece of equipment in many businesses. Craftsmen save money with these because they can take the place of so many tools. That means that they don't have to buy as many tools when they have one of these. With the right blades, it can take the place of a whole truck load of tools. That means buying fewer tools, spending less money, and saving more to invest in other parts of the business.

One drawback of the oscillating multi tool, a minor one, is that they need replacement blades. The blades do wear out eventually, so they require replacements, which can add up a bit. Fortunately, there are ways to save on multi tool replacement blades. provides very high quality, precise, durable replacement blades at discounted prices. Their selection covers every blade for every make and model, and the prices range from one half to one fifth of the retail price for similar blades.

Depending on the business and the amount of use that the blades for multi tools get, a business can save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars a year on replacement blades alone. Many tactics can help businesses to keep going, from advertising to streamlining processes. Saving money, of course, is just as important to the bottom line as bringing in more business. When examining ways to save on costs, the first thing to look at is expendable materials and equipment. Replacement blades are a perfect example. They are little things, and some can be fairly inexpensive, but the costs really do add up quickly. Fitzall provides an effective remedy.


FitzAll Blades has earned a worldwide reputation for providing very high quality oscillating multi tool replacement blades at very low prices. They offer a vast selection of replacement blades and accessories that can save people money. For more information, please visit


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