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(Newsbox) 26-Jul-2012

Find & Connect with other pets and their owners!

Los Angeles, CA (prsafe) July 17, 2012 - Petpav is the top pet social network. Due to our tremendous growth, has a new server and is bigger, better and faster! Did you know that the new and improved version of, the social networking site, is ALL ABOUT PETS? Yes, this new version helps connect pet owners and allows them to share experiences, photos and get great pet advice.

The benefits of the new and improved

1. It's a great way to meet and become friends with other pets and their owners. Have you met Sammy, the site administrator and your first friend?

2. Pet Businesses can promote their business for free to an all pet audience. Utilize the site, and you can become Pet Business of the Week and featured in our weekly Newsletter just like Sugar and Sugar Chic Couture.

3. Pet Supply Reviews

Pet owners want to know about the best pet products. Join and have your product reviewed and we can link it back to your website just like the wonderful, stylish Laughing My Tail Off leash.

4. Weekly Articles on Pet Topics

You can find interesting articles that help pet owners with pet health issues, pet advice, local pet events, and pet news.

Come back, join us, upload some fun pictures of your pet, a video and tell a friend. The more pets and pet businesses on, the bigger the pet network and fun! Join us today:

If you want to avertise your pet business, you better hurry up! Limited space available this month!

The Insipration behind PETPAV.COM

Petpav (short for Pet-Pavilion) was conceived when I needed some advice on my cat's unruly night time habits. I also wanted to find a good local Veterinarian. I looked up different sites and while some were informational, none of the sites had a social component that I found appealing. I really wanted to ask other cat owners their experience and share other questions and answers.

At the same time, a friend of mine who had just moved to the area asked how she could meet other dog owners to find a local dog park and set up a 'dog play date'. I, again, looked for any website that had a fun way to meet other dog owners and couldn't find any.

I wanted Petpav to be a site that was foremost social networking and then informational. A site that covers everything pet related. This is a forum to get advice directly from other pet owners. An owner can put a picture and profile of their pet and network will all the other pet owners.

The site is fun, upbeat and ageless. Kids, teens, even mature adults can put pictures of their pets on the site and tell their stories. Come take a look at the bigger, better and improved

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Lisa Fimberg

200 South Barrington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA


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