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(Newsbox) 04-Aug-2012 provides replacement blades for Dremel Multi-max and other great multi tools. These durable, precise blades are saving contractors a fortune

Pittsburgh, PA ( prsafe ) July 31, 2012 - Everyone knows that technology has changed the world. From air travel to computerized communications, developments in technology continue to develop exponentially, making life easier and more efficient. This trend has led to the development of new high tech industries and the existence of the "information age" of people who trade in codes and text from screen to shining screen. However, technological development has also impacted some of the more traditional industries, like carpentry, construction, cabinet making, plumbing, carpet installation, demolition, house painting, roofing, and landscaping. These industries will always be important, for they are at the core of human living on the most practical of levels. Technology has changed them in terms of their advertising and communications, but also in terms of the tools of the trades. Just when people seem to think that tool technology has plateaued, it takes another quantum leap. The latest leap has been the oscillating multi tool. Many companies make a multi tool now, from Dremel Oscillating Tool to Fein Multi Tools, all of them very reliable and useful. These are power tools (available with or without cords) that move an interchangeable blade back and forth at incredible speed. These tools can accomplish dozens of different tasks, depending upon which blades are used.

There are many advantages provided by multi tools, including affordability, safety, convenience, and versatility. They save their users, from contractors to private homeowners, a good deal of money because they do not need to buy as many tools. The one tool does the job. They contribute to safety because they are lighter and easy to use, which means that people do not have to strain themselves as much carrying or using them. They are incredibly convenient, lightweight, and small, and some are even cordless. And in terms of versatility, the fact that one tool can be used to replace a dozen or more others speaks for itself. One Dremel Multi-max can be fitted with blades that will quickly and accurately cut wood, sheet metal, plastics, fiberglass, drywall, paneling, carpet, cardboard, tile, and many other materials, and also scrape old paint, sand, grind, sharpen, polish, and shape various materials.

The tool is important, but so are the blades. Most of these great tools come with impressive warrantees, and should last a very long time. The one drawback of a multi tool is that the blades eventually have to be replaced. Fortunately, there is a positive side to that as well. was created specifically to address that problem. FitzALLblades provides very high quality replacement blades and accessories for every make and model of oscillating tool available, from Bosch Blades to Rockwell Oscillating Tool Blades, allowing multi tool users to save large amounts of money while investing in some of the best multi tool hardware available. This website offers extremely durable, precise, high performance blades for a fraction of retail price, usually ½ to 1/5 of the brand name blade, while ensuring very high performance and long life. Their reputation for quality and low prices has won them international attention, drawing contractors from around the world who save a fortune each year.

A representative from explains, "We are happy to provide very high quality multi tool blades to anyone who wants them, but we are particularly happy to be able to help contractors and other professional craftspeople. I worked in construction for years, and saw just how much we were spending on replacement blades alone. A multi tool is a craftsman's best friend, but the blade costs can really add up if you use them a lot. Some people work with these tools all day every day, so getting their blades at a fraction of the cost could save them thousands over the course of a year. It could be the difference between staying in business and shutting down. We want to help hard working people everywhere to keep working so that they can survive and thrive, especially in this tough economy."

About has won a reputation as the premier online provider of oscillating multi tool replacement blades. They offer the highest quality off-brand replacements for everything from the Craftsman Oscillating Multifunction Power Tool to the Bosch Oscillating Saw, helping people all over the world to save money without sacrificing quality.

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