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Bourges, (Newsbox) 25-Sep-2012

The hit TV show comes to your screen as a stunning multiplayer online game

Bourges, France ( Newsbox ) September 22, 2012 - Strap yourself into your pilot's seat and get ready to fight for survival in this stunning 3D re-imagining of the TV series Battlestar Galactica. Players can choose to play as the embattled humans or the eternally aggressive Cylons in this epic battle between good and evil with nothing less than the survival of the human race at stake.

"The hit TV show comes to your screen as a stunning multiplayer online game" [Pre-Approved Quote]

The online game is available free to play via the user's web browser. This means no need for expensive dedicated consoles - you can take the game with you on your tablet or laptop anywhere with internet access.

Based on the award winning TV series, the online game takes place with the Colonial fleet and its Cylon adversaries stranded in an uncharted area of space. Both must attempt to keep one step ahead of the other while attempting to wrest control of the star system's resources as the colonials seek desperately for a way out before the Cylons gain enough strength to destroy them once and for all.

Players can, of course, engage in single handed combat and take part in breathtaking space dogfights thanks to the wonderfully smooth and impressive 3D on-screen graphics but that's only part of the game's appeal. It's also possible to engage in group combat and co-operation - the game is now approaching ten million registered users - fighting alongside and in conjunction with your fellow pilots. The game isn't just about shooting up the opposition though. Once you've mastered the basic controls and weapons systems, you'll be able to customise and upgrade your ship, its armoury and its mining equipment. You will need to explore your sector of the universe to obtain the resources you need to survive. Special missions will become available as you hone your skills as a space pilot.

All this adds up to an online game which, although undoubtedly initially impressive, continues to deliver in the longer term. As the player improves in levels of skill and ability, the game grows with them. This means that the game retains its high level of "playability" and remains challenging and absorbing for much longer than simple first person shooters.

No surprise, then, that the game won the accolade of Best Browser Game at the prestigious European Games Awards as well as the Unity Developers' award for Community Choice.


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