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(Newsbox) 30-Mar-2011

An Example of ‘Hyper-Local Blogging’.

Robin Speronis, owner/broker of Zen Real Estate, believes that the explosion of the use of social media worldwide tells us that there is a hunger for human connection and that real estate professionals are in the people business selling real estate. Talise House, the firm’s latest non-MLS, direct to consumer, real estate lifestyle marketing home has an intimate daily blog post on its website that captures what it is like to live in the home and neighborhood. Published mystery author Charlotte Williamson has resided at the home since 1997 and blogs daily about her life at the home over the last 15 years.

The launch of and its daily blog by Zen Real Estate of Florida is an example of ‘Hyper-Local Blogging’. By writing about the Northwest Cape Coral, Florida community and lifestyle as well as providing an intimate look at life in the home located at 3810 NW 22nd Street, Cape Coral over the last 14 years, the blog naturally attracts people who are fans of that neighborhood and lifestyle. Additionally, all the posts from are placed on the Search Engine Dominant and Tweeted and posted to Facebook.

“When most agents think of ‘real estate blogging’ they think of posts like market updates, buyer and seller tips, and way too many ‘featured listings’ and ‘listing features’ or facts. But what does that potential buyer really want to know? First, they want to know if they like the lifestyle that that home and that neighborhood have to offer. The facts of the property are a distant second and if presented first, can doom a sale because there is always a ‘better price’ and a ‘better deal’ based on the facts.” commented Broker Robin Speronis.

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