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(Newsbox) 22-Apr-2011

Youth Banking; A personalised, debit card-based savings account for under18's that gives you control over your money and lets you earn interest on what you save. Cellphone Banking.

Get banking solutions, suited to your needs, in one package. Whatever your requirements are, depending on where you are in your life, Absa offers you packages that combine transactional and credit options with a number of other benefits, such as access to financing.

Bank with us in your youth days, whilst you study, after graduating, working as a professional, as you grow and create wealth, and then maintain it.

Kids and teenagers under the age of 18 need to manage their money and make smart financial choices too. Whether you’re saving up for a DVD or an mp3 player, or you simply want the convenience of your own bank account, it’s never too soon to get your finances in order and to start developing good financial habits.

An ideal way for you to get a head start on managing your money, the MegaU Account from Absa is a savings account that allows you to earn interest, with a convenient 24/7 debit card-based access to available funds.

For the under 18's out there, you can get a debit card that lets you draw cash at all ATMs, do your banking and buy airtime on your cellphone, and even pay for things at shops.

Get the freedom to spend and save your money the way you want to, and have access to your own bank account 24 hours a day. MegaU is for the under 18's, that want financial freedom. You get a debit card that lets you draw cash at all ATMs, do Cellphone Banking, buy airtime, and even pay for things at shops.

You can even grow your money by getting paid interest in the cash that’s in your account. Plus, you can customise your debit card from two funky designs.

Discover how easy it is to get money-wise and arrange for your parent to put money directly into your MegaU account, without using cash.

Would you like the convenience of being able to bank on the move? Wherever your busy day takes you, Absa's Cellphone Banking offers you a convenient way of banking using the one item you never leave home without - your cellphone.

With Absa Cellphone Banking, you can do more than just top up prepaid airtime and check your balances. You can also pay accounts, transfer funds between your accounts, send money through CashSend, send a notice of payment or have a statement e-mailed or faxed to an address or number of your choice.

Transform your cellphone into a mobile bank by joining more than one million Absa customers who use Cellphone Banking regularly.


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