Aqua De Luna releases Petits by Tatyana Solid Perfumes

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(Newsbox) 07-May-2011

Petits by Tatyana; a brand new line of botanical solid perfumes, made on Maui Hawaii for those that are looking for an all natural fragrant as a pleasant daily treat without overpowering your spirit with too intense perfumes.

Petits by Tatyana Balm de Perfumes are vibrant and fragrant solid perfumes made with 100% natural botanicals. An mélange of carefully selected essential & absolute oils and moisturizing Shea butter without use of any artificial ingredients or beeswax! Indulge your body and soul with Aloha from mother earth!

All used ingredients have been carefully selected from around the world to produce a worry free perfume experience for the modern health conscious thinking woman of the 21st century. 

Pink Shadow is a homage to the fragrant flowers of Hawaii. Always used to inspire the beautiful woman from the ancient Hawaii. Enjoy this combination and feel the spirit of Aloha on your skin.

Hala Flower (Hinani), Lokelani (Rose), Lemon Balm,  Ylang Ylang with pure Shea butter.


Blue Light consists of sensual fragrances from sacred flowers well known since centuries. Unusual and rare to find it comforts your skin and the air around you. Simply beautiful all day long!

Blue Lotus, Pikake (Jasmine), Sandalwood and Palo Santo with pure Shea butter.


Maui Aloha includes memories from paradise, fragrances that reminds you every day of Maui's beauty and welcoming nature. Carry a piece of Aloha on your skin and each day will bring you joy and happiness.

Tuberose, Pikake (Jasmine), Neroli (Orange Blossom) with pure Shea butter.


Ancient Spirit is a mélange of ancient sacred scents, a unique combination of well known essential oils used in the ancient world. Connect your spirit with these sacred oils!

Frankincense, Agarwood, Galbanum, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Cedar, Cassia, Lily, Jatamanshi, Palo Santo in pure Shea butter.


Bamboo Forest, lush green airy scents, inspires to take in the rich green floral fragrance of a healthy nature. Happy dreams come true by enjoying the vibrant colors of the mystical bamboo forest as only found like that on Maui.

Cedar Atlas, Lemon Rosewood, Parsley, Pine, Palos Santo, Orris, Oakmoss, Mimosa with pure Shea butter.


Petits by Tatyana come in easy to carry beautiful tin jars, made out of recycled metal, our contribution to a better life style, with more awareness of what you use on your skin while using less resources from our planet.

Petits do not contain any fillers or by products! No parabens, animal testing, animal ingredients or artificial colors. 100% VEGAN and Gluten-free. Please store cool and dry for best consistency.

Petits by Tatyana are now available for  $12.95 each from our own website under and our partners.


About Aqua De Luna

Aqua De Luna provides unique rare fragrances, scents and essential oils from around the world. Our collection of exclusive products are not available anywhere else. We are currently looking for more exclusive brands that we can offer to our customers and partners as outstanding and unique products to provide alternatives to mass-produced perfumes and fragrances.


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