Wholesale Pages UK: Free membership Offer getting overwhelming response

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(Newsbox) 12-Jul-2010

Wholesale buyers and sellers in UK are always on the move to stay up to date with the latest ongoing in the market. Feeding them with information that is purposeful and current is a tedious task, still successfully carried on by Wholesalepages.co.uk for years.

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www.wholesalepages.co.uk is the most sought-after online wholesale portals in UK and its premises. Slowly but surely, it is shifting its focus from being merely a wholesalers’ list provider to becoming a robust B2B trade portal for UK wholesale suppliers. Big milestones are only achieved by commitment to a cause, bolstered by an unrelenting effort, wholesale pages appreciated the fact that recession has challenged the wholesalers globally and in spite of all the costs attached to running a website of this grandeur, it started offering free memberships.


Small businesses from the wholesale industry including wholesalers, drop shippers, distributors, suppliers, traders, importers and exporters took the most benefit of the offer. Chang Liu, who just started taking interest in the wholesale industry, found the new features a great utility. He delightfully shared his experience, “I have been thinking of finding useful information on internet about wholesale industry, but every time I tried, I failed. Business has always been my passion and I have been looking for a free service to help me get started with a wholesale business deal in the UK. This new offer by the Wholesale Pages UK will help me find leads to sell and buy the way I want.”


Wholesale Pages UK is a globally accessed website with members from all four corners of the world. This global audience has worked as a source of inspiration for the Wholesale Pages in providing only the best and the most authentic information. Each passing day some new products are included in an already gigantic and exhaustive list of world wide wholesale products. From January 2010 onwards, thousands of new suppliers have been added to the directory for continuing expansion of the wholesale network towards newer markets and industries.


The newly launched layout by Wholesale Pages UK has also been appreciated by the members saying that it has helped them sort the products even better than before. Wholesalepages.co.uk has been able to revamp the sleekness of the website without even compromising the slightest bit on quality, navigation or accessing a particular part of the information.


For more information visit http://www.wholesalepages.co.uk/amember/signup.php


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