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(Newsbox) 04-Aug-2011 has this special report, which sources information India is one of TBrazil, being the most populated country in Latin America, represents the largest education industry in the region and fifth largest in the world.

With a sprawling middle class and economy being rated as one of the fastest growing in the world, the country holds immense potential for the education sector. The country is making concrete efforts to develop its education sector at the primary, secondary, and higher education levels in order to satiate future knowledge demand.
 According to our new research report, “Brazil Education Services Market Analysis”, Brazil has emerged as a highly lucrative and one of the most underpenetrated education markets in Latin America. The gross enrollments rates in undergraduate courses are very low and even lower at post-graduation levels. Further, the competition is cut throat. For instance, in the most competitive courses at the top public universities, there are 30-40 candidates striving for a seat in the freshman class. In some particular courses, this number reaches around 200. Amid strong demand from the industry for capable professionals, development of education infrastructure is a dire need. We anticipate that from 2011-2014, the requirement for higher education institution will be around 670 institutions.
 Our thorough analysis of the education sector has revealed that demand for quality education at affordable price will boom in near future. The rise in number of students at fundamental and high-school level will further boost the demand for higher education in the country. This will create enormous opportunities for both public and private players. Besides, the report has identified that Brazil’s higher education sector offers considerable growth prospects for private players to get into the rapidly evolving sector.
 Our report is an outcome of extensive research and objective analysis of education industry in Brazil. The report facilitates current industry trends and forecasts on fundamental, high school, and higher education, with a focus on potential students’ enrollments, and staff and college requirements during 2011-2014. In addition, the segment wise regulatory environment analysis and key players’ description is being studied in the report. It also updates on recent activities and financials to provide a balanced research outlook on the education industry of Brazil.
 Table of Contents :
 1. Analyst View
 2. Emerging Market Trends
 2.1 Favorable Demographics
 2.2 Students Studying Abroad
 2.3 Private Education - Focus of Financial Sector
 2.4 Government Funding - A Must for Higher Education Developments
 3. Industry Performance & Future Potentials by 2013
 3.1 Basic Education
 3.1.1 By Students
 3.1.2 By Staff
 3.1.3 By Schools
 3.2 High School Education
 3.2.1 By Students
 3.2.2 By Staff
 3.2.3 By Schools
 3.3 Higher Education
 3.3.1 Current Universities Infrastructure
 3.3.2 By Students
 3.3.3 By Staff
 3.3.4 Education Institutions
 3.3.5 Course Enrollment
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