Acme to exhibit at WEFTEC in New Orleans

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(Newsbox) 04-Oct-2010

WEFTEC is the premier trade show of the water and wastewater treatment industry in North America. Acme will be exhibiting our automatic strainer and meeting our clients and manufacturer's representatives.


ACME ENGINEERING PROD. INC. of Montreal, Canada manufactures the ACRS line of automatic scraper-strainers. The strainers employ an advanced design that can provide the automatic removal of solids and large particles using only dirty water for blowdown, unlike conventional backwash strainer designs.  The strainers are available in sizes up to a 66" body in steel or corrosion resistant metals.

These units are ideal for removing large, irregularly shaped solids and contaminants from seawater intake for the protection of reverse osmosis and other fine filtration systems.  Screens are available down to 75 microns to cover a broad range of straining requirements.  Jacketed bodies are available for viscous liquid applications.  The strainers are custom fabricated to engineer's or plant specifications and can be designed to fit into existing conventional strainer locations, avoiding costly piping rework.  Designs also exist to handle viscous fluids like black liquor and extremely high solids loading, typical in petrochemical applications.

Of particular interest to the water industry are recent applications to filter influent and effluent at low pressures and on the suction side of pumps, a first for an automatic strainer.  The Acme design has demonstrated superior resistance to screen clogging, resulting in less downtime and lost production.

Acme strainer vessels are now available in FRP construction with Monel internals for superior resistance to corrosion in seawater applications.

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Acme is always looking to expand its geographic penetration to other European, South American and Asian countries. The ideal representative for these product lines should have some design capability or experience with other industrial products where some engineering advice is usually provided along with the product itself. Potential representatives should also have complementary lines, such as fans and dampers to go along with our gas detection line, or pumps, water treatment and other process equipment to go along with the scraper strainers. ACME has always differentiated itself through its ability to provide engineering consultation along with the product and a willingness to develop custom solutions for interesting problems; we are looking for representatives willing to share in that challenge.

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