Greg Fisher, Award-Winning Halifax Web Designer, Sets A New Standard For Real Estate Web Design

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(Newsbox) 20-Jan-2012

Toronto business owners are choosing Atlantic Studio, a Halifax web design company owned by Greg Fisher, over Toronto web designer companies for real estate website design.

Halifax, Nova Scotia ( prsafe ) January 16, 2012 - Modern business owners know that web presence is absolutely crucial in today's internet-driven economy. Technological advances are expanding exponentially each year, leading to greater possibilities, and greater competition, than ever before. It's no longer enough to offer excellent goods or services at great prices. These days, companies have to use any means necessary to stand out among their competitors. The means of doing this are typically design-based. In order to compete in an absolutely ferocious market, companies need to create websites, mobile websites, ad campaigns, and internet marketing projects that are eye-catching and unique, incorporating every possible application of modern technology. That's where Atlantic Studio comes in.

Atlantic Studio has set a new bar for the industry. This Halifax web design company offers an impressive array of services, including (but not limited to): video production, 3D development, web design and development, interactive / online media, and world-class graphic design for all manner of online and print media. They leverage international experience for their excellence in design, due in large part to the design genius of their principle consultant, Greg Fisher. Fisher has earned international awards for design, including the 2008 CNBC Arabian Property Award for "Best Property Marketing" and the 2005 Bentley International Property Award for "Best Property Portal." His work was also nominated in 2008 for the CNBC Arabian Property Award for "Best Developer Website." Anyone involved in the development, marketing, and sale of real estate worldwide recognizes the International Property Awards to be "the Oscars of the Property Industry."

Fisher's expertise also enables him to provide clients with interpretive maps, floor plans, and 3D renderings that meet or surpasses the standards of most architects and large design firms. His interest in real estate website design and marketing largely stems from his three year tenure in Dubai as the Media Manager for one of Dubai's most decorated property developers. He expanded his real estate web and marketing skills during Dubai's renowned property boom before returning to Canada to begin Atlantic Studio. In addition to his world-class real estate website design skill, he has repeatedly demonstrated his design mastery in a wide variety of fields such as aviation, tourism, golf, and resort design and marketing. His impressive track record has been a major draw for Toronto-based business owners who are finding it difficult to find a Toronto web designer who can offer the same quality and variety of services.

It has taken some businesses a while to become comfortable with the new "information age." For centuries, the standard practice was to interact locally for all business needs, developing personal relationships with clients, suppliers, and collaborators. While the values of this kind of a system are admirable, it is no longer a functional approach in most industries. Things have changed dramatically, for better or worse, and adaptability seems to be one of the biggest factors in company survival. Many businesses are finding that they must look outside of their own cities to find the best available sources for the goods and services that they need, and web-based technologies are probably the easiest services to access, no matter your physical location. Therefore, many Toronto businesses are reaching out to Atlantic Studio in Halifax to gain the highest possible quality in web design, logo and brand design, search engine optimization (seo), professional signage, online advertising, integrated marketing and communications campaigns, and other services that are absolutely vital to modern businesses.


Atlantic Studio is owned by Greg Fisher, an award-winning Halifax web designer who offers one of the widest arrays of services in the design business, including real estate website design. Atlantic Studio's excellent array of professional services is prompting Toronto business owners to choose them over Toronto web designer companies. For more details, please visit


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