The Seasonís Warm Winter Gives Customers The Chance To Score A Better Deal On Propane

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(Newsbox) 22-Jan-2012

So far, weíve experienced a milder than average winter, which is good news for Central Pennsylvania residents who utilize propane.

Atglen, PA ( prsafe ) January 18, 2012 - So far, we've experienced a milder than average winter, which is good news for Central Pennsylvania residents who utilize propane. Thanks to Mother Nature taking it easy on us up until this point, it's now possible to take advantage of lower propane costs. This means money back in the pockets, and continued warmth no matter what the rest of the season brings.

Propane gas continues to gain popularity because it is a clean burning fuel that meets the strict requirements of the EPA. Propane can be used for a variety of applications, including water heaters, home heating, cooking, gas water heaters, clothes dryer, pool/spa heating among countless other utilizations. In its natural state, propane is a gas, which means no need to worry about that oily, slimy residue being left behind - it's as if it's not even there, yet it does the job.

Propane equipment is manufactured with the highest safety standards and is thoroughly tested to ensure its reliability. Not only is propane an extremely safe way to heat a home, but also it is a very affordable alternative to other home heating options. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, it could cost up to two times as much to operate your household appliances with electric.

Kauffman Gas, a Chester County propane gas supplier, has been in business for over 65 years and serves over 5,500 homes for their gas water heaters and propane gas needs. Every year, Kauffman Gas uses their 'Degree Days' tracking system to track temperature, allowing them to gauge how frequently they will need to make deliveries to their propane gas clients. In the immediate area they serve, Downingtown, Coatesville and Chester County, they have seen their 'Degree Days' drop off close to 15 percent. "Essentially, we have seen a 15 percent milder winter than 'average'", states owner Chris Kauffman.

What does this mean for the average propane gas user in Central PA? The warmer than normal temperatures in the area allow the propane gas supply to increase, which ultimately makes propane even more affordable to users. With propane already the more affordable option over electric, it just became even harder to choose anything other than propane to heat a home.

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