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(Newsbox) 17-Mar-2012

The International Brain Research Foundation, led by Dr. Philip DeFina, pushes the envelope of modern neurological science to explore remedies that have had increasingly positive results.

Flanders, NJ ( prsafe ) March 14, 2012 - The International Brain Research Foundation, led by Dr. Philip DeFina, pushes the envelope of modern neurological science to explore remedies that have had increasingly positive results. Through sheer determination of will, and no small effort from their research subjects, the research team at the IBRF has led the way in developing successful rehabilitation strategies for cases previously labeled as 'untreatable'. Individuals on the cusp of death have been fully restored to life, talking and moving in ways other doctors said would never happen.

Philip DeFina is steadfastly determined to eradicate crippling and debilitating disorders like Alzheimer's, autism, A.D.D./ADHD, Parkinson's disease and side effects from traumatic brain injuries and strokes. Americanmilitarypersonnelthat once lay in comatose, vegetative or minimally conscious states were awakened,with some returning back to home, work, or active duty, thanks to the heroic efforts of everyone involved at the International Brain Research Foundation. In another area of research, the IBRF sponsored a pilot group of mild to moderate Alzheimer's patients, who developed better short-term memory and were able to get through their activities of daily living with greater efficiency.

Dr. DeFina and his staff helped individuals that were born with extreme learning,cognitive,and developmental disabilities. With the aid of computer-driven therapy sessions and innovative approaches to medications and pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals, these individuals were able to begin developing better and more consistent higher cognitive skills.

The research being done at the IBRF is paving the way for other pioneering researchers to challenge the current paradigm of accepted truths and consider other alternatives. It is this refusal to assimilate into the collective helplessness which so distinguishes Dr. Philip DeFina's research team from their contemporaries.

In addition to reviving fallen soldiers and awakening the comatose and forgotten, Dr. DeFina's advanced research has led to innovative diagnostic and treatment protocols. This research has drawn the attention of the United States government; specifically the Department of Defense, who are funding DeFina's work. He was awarded a defense contract to show thesafety and efficacy of protocols aimed at assisting individuals in altered states of consciousness.

The work that is being done at the IBRF is internationally recognized within medical communities as leading edge and scientifically sound. The statistical results of the cases speak for themselves, but people that were once incapable of the most mundane tasks are enjoying a better quality of life, which is the ultimate testimony to the progress of Dr. DeFina and his organization. Hope is once again restored and the potential for long and satisfying years with loved ones is again realized by combat wounded veterans, police officers and firefighters who made dramatic recoveries from severe injuries. Children that were never expected to develop past a two-year-old level are now able to learn at their own age level. The only thing these cases have in common is that they all utilized treatments derived from research developed by the International Brain Research Foundation. Dr. Philip DeFina is a pioneer of neuroscientific research; the world continues to celebrate his extraordinary courage towards tackling the most complicated brain disorders.

Dr. DeFina points towards Dr. Jonathan Fellus, Dr. James Halper and Dr. Max Hilz for their extraordinary genius in systematically developing advanced diagnostic and treatment methods which are helping people worldwide. Their clinical research and treatment for complex brain disorders is helping the IBRF lead the way in the new frontier of neuroscience.


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