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(Newsbox) 04-Apr-2012

Michigan Author And Personal Financial Budgeting Coach’s New “Family Series” Helps Kids from Age 5 through College

Clarkston, MI ( prsafe ) March 30, 2012 - If they say experience is the best teacher, then author Michael Kastler, could be classified as an expert. In his debut personal finance book , "Get a GRASP on Your Budget and Cash," Kastler provided readers with a step-by-step process to develop and maintain financial stability even in the worst situations. His budgeting program has helped thousands around metro-Detroit to become good financial stewards.

Now Kastler has gone to the next level to help entire families learn the basics of good financial budgeting, goal setting, and the discipline to reach those goals. Based on feedback from his mainly- adult cliental, the biggest issue facing families today is teaching their kids the value of money and how to manage it. In a time where 30% of adult children are moving back home with parents, it is critically important that we start teaching kids at an early age how to best live within a given income.

To meet those demands, Kastler has upgraded his Kid's Reward Program (aimed at age 5 to early teens), added a new "Working Teens" program and a "College Student Planner" to his budgeting program portfolio. Each of the 3 new releases includes goal setting and goal tracking as a major feature, teaching kids at any age how to set goals, save for those goals and visually see the progress. Kastler has developed a robust and fun way to teach kids at all ages to establish priorities and live within a given income. Even at age 5 kids typically get an "allowance" or as Kastler prefers, a "commission" for a chore well done. Kastler says, "The earlier you start teaching kids that there's only so much money you can spend, the earlier you start to teach them about priorities and being happy with their choices. You may even see some positive behavior changes!"

Kastler has priced each of these 3 programs so that any family in America can afford them. There's even a special "3-fer" package price for families that have kids that span all the age ranges. Whether it's your kids, your grandkids, or a family in need that you know, this program will help them.

Michael Kastler is a personal budgeting coach, speaker, and author of budgeting tools including his personal finance book, "Get a GRASP on Your Budget and Your Cash". His budgeting money tips blog can be found at Kastler also offers budgeting worksheets and his "Financial Stewardship" series of workshops with special pricing for non-profits and church groups. Kastler has been asked to speak at many seminars, including a substitute radio host on Detroit's WMUZ, Detroit's "Vision 2010 - Build Your Dream Team," 2011 Detroit Financial Examiner and recently appointed to the Board of Directors of A Purposed Transition - a non-profit organization to help individuals make transition at various life stages.

Contact: Michael Kastler
Founder, Kastler Consulting Group, LLC


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