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(Newsbox) 05-Apr-2012

Server spending in India stood at around INR 30 bn in 2011, finds Publisher

A rapid growth in the usage of high end computation and rose in the number of data transactions in India is primarily injecting growth in the server market in India. The huge presence of SMBs in India also happens to be a significant driver for the market, wherein SMBs shell out a substantial amount of their IT budget for server adoption. Primarily, the market comprises of established foreign vendors who have managed to garner a strong foothold in the market.


The report begins with an introduction section, defining the entry level, mid range and high end servers in the market, wherein it lists down the crucial technological aspects of these individual servers. The typical characteristics and aspects of an ideal server is also chalked down so as to enlighten readers. "Basically, key attributes such as the performance, scalability, route to market, support and services, choice of operating systems, features and the price are the primary aspects to distinguish an ideal server," noted publisher.


Server market overview of the report talks about the Indian server market as a whole and lists down important factors driving the market, briefs about the competitive scenario and illustrates the server spending and shipment figures in India since 2010. Further, the illustrations provide forecasted growth figures till 2015. The section then moves on to the discussion of the major market segments. "Market segments considered for the report includes 'Vendor Share', 'Price Range', 'CPU Type' and 'Form Factor'," added Publisher. The report graphically represents these individual segments with figures pertaining to the market scenario in 2011. It also explains the market in context of these segments, thereby providing clear insights to readers. SMB market overview section deals entirely with the SMB server market in India. It elaborates on various aspects such as the growth drivers and preferred servers in the market amongst others. SMB server shipment and spending figures have been represented graphically which in turn provides clear understanding about the SMB market scenario in 2011. The section further list down crucial aspects such as the key strategic decisions and purchase preference of SMBs.


Import and Export overview section talks about the EXIM trade carried out in the Indian server market. The section presents figures pertaining to the total import and export of servers since 2008-09 to 2011-12 (Apr - Jun). Top five importing and exporting countries for the last four years have also been listed along with the individual shares of individual countries.


Server technology section basically talks about cloud and virtual servers in India. It explains the individual technologies, working procedures and also lists down their various benefits. For a better understanding the report covers an in-depth SWOT analysis of the individual technologies and further lists down real-life case studies so as to provide an essence of the real-world application of cloud and virtual servers. The Indian Government has put forward certain norms which indirectly affects the server market. These norms have been explained under the Government regulations section. The section also lists some recent developments in this regard.


Market influencers section primarily talks about the prevailing drivers and challenges for the market. An analysis of the drivers and challenges explains the drivers including growth in the number of data transactions, demand for real-time transaction and high end computing. Whereas, factors identified as a hindrance to the market are maintenance costs and server downtimes.


Market opportunity is a section in the report which talks about the key server adopting industry verticals, their growth and IT investment scenario, drivers for server adoption and server penetration. It further features a portion wherein market opportunities by virtue of business segments, region and industry type has been illustrated. This section has focused especially on the SMB space wherein top 40 cities has been listed along with their respective population of SMBs and total server shipments has been tabulated, which in turn can be utilized by vendors to target specific regions in the country and garner a better foothold in the India server market.


Purchase criteria features a comprehensive set of points which are dedicated to facilitate appropriate server selection criteria for client organizations and enterprises. The section can be utilized as a checklist for prospective server buyers. Market trends identified comprise of growing popularity of cloud and virtual servers, incorporation of ARM based servers and shift towards green servers. The section features real-life examples of the trends so as to facilitate better understanding amongst readers.


Key server vendors have been profiled in details within the report which enables readers to get a clear picture of the current competitive scenario. The section lists the basic details of the players such as corporate information, business highlights and key members. The section also features financial analysis of key vendors which in turn provides us with the financial health of players.


Key channel partners by metros and non metros section lists down the major channel partners operating in the server space across major cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and Cochin to name a few. The section serves a value added database containing names and addresses of some of the top channel partners in India.


The report concludes with a section on strategic recommendations which comprises of an analysis of the growth strategies of the server market in India. "SMB specific strategy and reliable storage services offerings will bring forth greater customer attraction and will lead to enhanced revenue generation," noted publisher.


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