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(Newsbox) 15-Apr-2012

MBA College in Bangalore: MBA Colleges are providing best career option for an aspirant. Management studies and programs of these institutions are really useful for prospective managers. This is very important to learn more relevant business information for a candidate.

Business schools have without any doubt reached legitimacy in the ?eld of education. Management schools have a major role to play in training future directors and executives. Management education would appear to be more topical than ever in the “global era”. The ultimate aim of management education approaches is quite straightforward: to encourage the emergence in companies of socially responsible behavior which is at the same time appropriate in order to enhance corporate performance.

A new competitive map for today’s business schools is emerging, In response to that demand, many business programs and business schools have been established around the world. We have seen that the students, i.e. the participants, indeed the market itself, will decide what they want, what they demand, based on their assessment of their need. This will be shaped by what the networked knowledge society requires. This demand-driven focus stands in sharp contrast to the classic supply-driven focus, where business school professors offered their courses as individual faculty members and with a typically narrow, discipline-speci?c focus. This supply-driven approach is unlikely to ?nd demand any more.

All of us in management education need to ponder more deeply and creatively on how to advance the awareness, reasoning skills, and core principles of ethical behavior that will help to guide business leaders as they deal with a changing legal and compliance environment. We must ground students in the duties and rewards of stewardship, including the concerns of multiple stakeholders and the responsible use of power.

The MBA segment is also a crowded ?eld, and much of the classic MBA education is rather conventional (Mintzberg, 2004; Pfeffer and Fong, 2002). But, as Mintzberg states, the call should be to develop “managers, not MBAs”. The business school’s value offerings will be demand-driven.
Number of business schools has developed innovative strategies for engaging students in the challenge of providing ethical leadership; the assumption of many faculty and program leaders that the majority of students are being adequately prepared in this domain is highly questionable.

Vanguard Business School, Bangalore is pleased to announce “Vanguard Leaders of Tomorrow” (VLT). Our mission to create frontline managers for Corporate India, Managers armed with practical knowledge of Business Verticals combined with excellent analytical and communication skills, discipline & a strong work ethic.  The programs at Vanguard are designed keeping in mind the right mix of practical Business Knowledge, Industry Skills, and the Attitude of an achiever.

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