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(Newsbox) 11-May-2012 - the global provider of unified messaging solutions has enriched its productivity features by launching a Conference Call service for its clients.

Cloud based services have changed the way business professionals interact. Professionals can operate with their partners from abroad, being able to initiate a virtual conference in just few clicks on the web. Whether it’s for a business meeting, financial reporting or a sales presentation, there is no need to organize in-house meetings and gather all business partners together in the same meeting room. The Conference Call tool is an alternative to traveling and commuting, and it allows professionals to participate in conferences from any place in the world, whether in or out of their office. - the global provider of unified messaging solutions – has enriched its productivity features by launching a Conference Call service for its clients. The option was designed to facilitate business communication by connecting multiple professionals to a hosted service, in a single conference. The process flow is really simple: a host creates a conference call, invites its participants and attends the conference by calling a dial-in number.

The main advantages of the conference call feature by Popfax, compared with other conference call services are as follows:

  • High Res Telephony Voice quality: our service runs on a plain high quality digital standard telephony network. Provided that all participants have good incoming call quality, you can experience a great conference call in which every participant can be clearly heard!
  • Worldwide reachability by offering local numbers, callable from many countries: the same conference can be accessed from several countries without any extra cost.
  • Cost effectiveness: the conference organizer can chose between three types of pricing:
    • The organizer assumes 100% of the cost by offering free phone entry numbers to participants.
    • The organizer offers a locally callable conference to the participants who will call a geographical number in their country or area.
    • Calling Party Pays: the organizer bears no cost at all, by inviting participants to call in via some premium rate numbers that finance the service.
  • Security: the conference call organizer receives an email notification stating the start time of the conference and the unique code for accessing the conference. Subsequently, this private information can be forwarded to all attendees.
  • Reporting: a detailed report is sent to the host’s email, indicating the main statistics of the conference call. provides its customers with a cost-effective and very high quality fax email and Conference Call Service. “The highly professional sound and global reachability are the competitive advantages that help us make our customers’ meetings a success” says Vladimir Popesco, the CEO of Popfax.

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