Global Generic Injectables Market 2009-15

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(Newsbox) 12-May-2012 introduces a report " Global Generic Injectables Market 2009-15 " In this report, we have put special emphasis on estimating the hitherto unexplored niche respiratory and ophthalmological injectables segment.

As majority of the blockbuster drugs are set to go off patent in the next few years, $140 bn injectables market is set to assume prominence as the fastest growing and the most preferred drug delivery mode in place of oral formulations. Relatively high insulation from competition post off- patent stage, strong entry barriers, high profit margin and drug effectiveness are making injectables more popular than oral formulations.
 We have employed a combination of secondary research and in depth interviews with key players to validate our findings and further understand the underlying trends and strategies. Extensive triangulation has been done to categorize and estimate the injectables market data. business market research
 In this report, we have focused on the bright prospects of $17.5 bn generic injectables sub segment which is expected to witness a compounded annual growth of 15% over the next five years. We expect a market opportunity of USD 1.6 bn to open up for the generic injectables in the regulated markets following the drugs going off patent. Further, we see a strong business case for collaboration of global and regional players in the injectables segment to expand the market. The market estimates and breakdown have also been provided for the injectables segment by product, therapeutic and geographic basis.
 The mergers and acquisitions are gathering pace and we expect more such to happen in the coming days. Given that the hospitals prefer injectables for oncology treatment instead of oral formulations and also the fact the injectables segment are not crowded has fuelled a rush for acquisitions. Oncology accounts for a large portion of both biological and non biological injectables globally.
 In this report we have identified and profiled some of the leading players in the injectables segment. In this report, we have put special emphasis on estimating the hitherto unexplored niche respiratory and ophthalmological injectables segment. This reports attempts to provide a macro view of the generic injectables market and not an in depth review of all sub segments.
 The report will provide to be a useful guide for pharma majors, bio pharma and biotechnology companies, researchers, academicians, financial community and all those associated with drug research and marketing. We believe that this report will help all the stakeholders associated with the pharma industry to spot the business opportunities post expiry of major drug patents.
 1. Background and Definitions
 2. Market Size and Segmentation
 2.1 Global Market Size
 2.2 Generic and Innovator Injectable Markets
 2.3 Market Breakdown by Product Segments
 2.4 Geographic Breakdown – Global Injectables Market
 2.5 Therapeutic Breakdown – Global Injectables Market
 2.6 Respiratory Injectables Market
 2.7 Ophthalmological Injectables Market
 2.8 Key Players – Global Injectables Market
 3. Future Trends
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