Safety Direct America Introduces Most Effective Anti-Slip Floor Treatment With Non-Slip 21

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(Newsbox) 22-Jun-2012

Safety Direct America comes up with efficient Non-Slip 21 anti-slip flooring treatment option that guarantees complete slip resistance on any floor type without the compromise of floor quality.

Mission Viejo, California ( prsafe ) June 19, 2012 - Safety Direct America announces the most effective anti-slip floor treatment for their valuable customers. They are opting for Non-Slip 21 flooring process which they claim to be the most prospective procedure for slip-resistance on the floors. The company is a Sotter Engineering Corporation subsidiary.

"We have gathered from continuous floor testing that the wet floors are highly prone to slip and fall and how much that could be dangerous for your customers or visitors. Thus, we have come up with a guaranteed anti-slip floor treatment solution that is capable of treating nearly any resilient or hard floor making the floor slip-resistant", says the spokesperson of Safety Direct America. The company added further that Dr. J. Sotter, the renowned U.S. slip & fall consultant is the consultant of Safety Direct America.

The particular process offered by the company can be applied to any external or internal flooring, in both wet and dry conditions. According to Safety Direct America their Non-Slip 21 would work well on terrazzo, vinyl, marble, ceramic tile, slate, granite, thermoplastic, wood, linoleum and concrete. The typical anti-slip flooring treatment is some topical coating which is developed by Safety Direct Global in England.

"It feels fantastic to mention that our Non-Slip 21 is the sole anti-slip flooring treatment option endorsed by CTIOA (Ceramic Tile Institute of America)", says the spokesperson, Safety Direct America adding that their product would be the most suitable for industrial and commercial properties. Besides, they have promised that their anti slip treatment won't hamper the durability and architectural value of the flooring, adding that the coating is food-safe too.

The Non-Slip 21 is warranted for 5 years. The spokesperson added further, "Our qualified subcontractors will conduct a quarterly test on the Non-Slip 21 treated flooring throughout this warranty period using digital Tortus tribometer".

Safety Direct America is also offering anti-slip flooring tapes with peel off gum backing at best prices and most inexpensive shipping options.

The company seems to have a huge list of impressed clientele that includes eminent names like Los Angeles Country Club (Beverly Hills), McVitie's (a Heinz division), City of Sunderland and many.

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