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Lafayette Gardens

AboutLafgardens is a leading rehabilitation center based in California that provides assisted living facilities and senior living housing in the US. The senior care home is operated by a team of ladies who are dedicated to offering a high-quality hospice care services based on every individual needs to help them lead a happy and healthy life. We offer them the space they need to relax, rejuvenate and be themselves. Lafgardens offers the best assisted living facilities and senior citizen housing in California, United States. Lafayette Gardens was started with a vision to provide earnest care for the senior living in our community and provide them with the best hospice nursing they need. Owner, caretakers, visiting artists and everyone connected with Lafayette are dedicated to helping seniors live a high-quality life, while taking care of their nutrition, medicines, attention and activity. Whether they want to live with their beloved pet friend or listen to a piece of music that relishes th
Address3486 Monroe Ave
CountryUnited States
Postal Code94549
Press ContactSaxena
Category 1Health
Category 2Health: Fitness & Nutrition
Category 3Health: Nursing Homes
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