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AboutiHASMD, an innovative and standards-based platform, provides patients and providers with a simple-to-use integrated approach to real-time virtual visits for an optimally coordinated remote care (telehealth) environment. iHASMD allows concurrent use of medical information to bring efficiency and productivity while delivering virtual care. iHASMD responds to current healthcare delivery needs of almost every healthcare organization worldwide. Telehealth benefits include: improvement in the quality and efficiency of care, reduction in medical errors, enhancement in patient and provider satisfaction, and reduction in healthcare costs.
OverviewiHASMD providing an unique software-enabled telehealth solutions directly into the provider's office, and patient's homes. The goal of iHASMD is to enhance the quality of the healthcare experience for both the patient and the provider, while reducing costs. Our platform provides cost-effective and highly scalable telehealth solutions to organizations whose goal is to offer the benefits and convenience of real-time virtual visits to their patients and providers. iHASMD is designed by physicians for telehealth - "point and click" simple, requiring minimal setup / configuration and maintenance. It was designed from inception to enhance productivity - now providers can participate in virtual encounters from their desk.
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