How It Works

  • Create a Free Account Basic PRSafe accounts are free. You can register as an individual, business or writer. The account functionality is basically the same for all users but selecting a type allows us to identify you in our system and contact you appropriately.
  • Complete Your Profile A great profile can help you get more visibility on PRSafe, tell users a little more about your company and you can include boiler plate information that might be included with most ofyour news releases. Upload your logo, photos and other media.
  • Post Your Content visit the Submit button to add your news, articles and event releases. You can post your release to your profile only and still share it with your contacts and social networks. Or, you can distribute your content to other PRSafe users and our distribution network. Don't forget to embed your news on your website or link to it. Doing so is a lot better than just posting your news and letting it sit there with limited visibility. Host your news on PRSafe and get measurable visibility and opportunities.
  • Distribute Your Content We're constantly improving our distribution network. You can reach a growing number of PRSafe users but can also reach users through our enhanced distribution and content distribution partnerships. lf you don't already have a large following on other networks or want to reach a more targeted audience, we can help. We can also provide options to feature your content on PRSafe and we can select targeted journalists or influencers you should reach.
  • Subscribe You can subscribe to over 500 different categories based on industry, topic or geography. You can also subscribe to other NewsBo>< users including artists, writers,organizations, associations and other professionals.
  • Measure Results One of the great features of PRSafe is you can host your content in one place and measure the results of all visibility. Post to your social networks, send via email, post on your website, blogs and other content sites. Other users can share your content and you might get visibility from other websites and blogs.

All of that visibility is just a click away in PRSafe and any changes you need to make to that content can be made in one place instead of having to log in everywhere or contact everyone.