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AboutAwareity delivers holistic solutions based on lessons learned and real world incidents helping organizational leaders to more effectively connect the dots, significantly reduce costs, prevent incidents from happening, respond to incidents more efficiently and improve ongoing CYA. In today’s litigious, highly regulated, safety-oriented and blame-happy society, there is a profound need for organizations to move from status quo and reaction-oriented strategies to more visionary and proactive approaches. Awareity’s services and solutions empower management to implement awareness and accountability at the individual level to ensure better decisions and better results Better Awareness. Better Decisions. Better Results.
OverviewAwareity is a privately held organization founded by Rick Shaw in 2002. Awareity’s solutions automate hundreds and hundreds of traditional, manually intensive and expensive methodologies to more effectively keep up with mounting compliance, security, privacy, safety, risk management, coordination, preparedness, response, recovery, training and documentation efforts.
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