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International Brain Research

AboutWhat conditions does the IBRF research and treat? The IBRF researches and treats Autism, Alzheimer's disease, stroke, memory disorders, progressive neurological disorders, and various diseases of consciousness, such as coma as well as many other types of brain disorders and diseases. They are dedicated to the recovery and quality of life of those that they treat. Many patients who were told they would never live a normal life again, or possibly not live at all, are now living and functioning as a normal people in society thanks to the work of Philip Defina and his colleagues at IBRF. With their Advanced Care Protocol (ACP) treatments, Dr. Defina and his partners have been able to awaken 43 out of 52 coma patients. Brain Injuries and the IBRF The IBRF is proud to collaborate worldwide with many advanced professionals and donors to help patients with brain injuries. When there were many doubters, the IBRF has been able to help many brain injury patients return to normal lives, and even back into military service. It is Dr. Defina's goal to reverse the thinking that there is no hope for those with traumatic brain injuries. He and his staff are well on their way to doing just that. IBRF Current Research The IBRF offers hope to more populations than just those suffering from traumatic brain injuries or coma. The IBRF conducts ongoing research into all of the conditions they aim to treat and cure. Currently the following disorders are of research priority: - Cerebral Palsy Syndromes - Learning Disabilities - Autism - ADHD - Tourettes Syndrome - Alzheimer's Disease - Vascular Dementia - Low Incidence Dementing Disorders
OverviewWith headquarters located in Edison, New Jersey, the International Brain Research Foundation, also known as the IBRF, offers hope to many different populations of people. From people who have been in horrific accidents, to those who have experienced disease, to veterans who have honorably served our country, IBRF treats many different conditions. The IBRF is a 501c3 public charity that has a mission of brain research and of turning that research into treatments to help patients with all types of different disorders and injuries. The world renowned, Dr. Philip Defina is the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer for the IBRF. Dr. Defina is a successful physician, author, and researcher and is internationally well-respected in his field. Dr. Philip Defina, along with the supporters and staff of the IBFR, offer continued hope and healing for many different types of patients who are facing brain injuries, disorders, and diseases. With new technologies, education, and research, they look forward to helping more individuals overcome their medical and physical challenges in the years to come. ###
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