Why GET is so important?

23-Jul-2012 | News-Press Release

Kempton Park, Gauteng (prsafe ) July 17, 2012 - The wear of Ground Engaging Tools (GET) is a significant problem for many machine users. Wear of the GET costs millions of rands annually in replacement costs and down time, and significantly reduces the efficiency of the operation. On the other hand, many people ask themselves why is it so crucial to worry about the life of the GET if the replacement is simple, it can be performed during Planned Maintenance downtime and it is not very expensive to buy.

The crucial concept to consider is the hidden cost. GET that are worn will reduce your productivity and increase the fuel expense due to their damaging effect on the machine's efficiency. When there is poor ground penetration in an application, the impact is more severe on the bucket or blade, causing distress throughout the equipment. Fuel consumption will also rise since due to poor penetration, the machine works harder to dig and burns more fuel. In a few words, substantially worn GET will not be able to safeguard the more expensive parts they are designed to protect. Even though ground engaging tools may not be very expensive, buckets or blades, for instance, are.

Different equipment requires different GET for each job depending on the environment and application. Tractor & Grader Supplies (Pty) Ltd (TGS) offering the brands of Titan and Black Cat blade are able to present systems specially created for a specific earthmoving application or model of machine. Ground engaging tools (GET) that last as long as possible in their intended function must be preferred over others. This time could vary between 1000 hours or 8 hours, depending on the work environment where it will be employed.

As Titan and Black Cat dealers we are equipped to aid the customer by explaining which GET to choose taking in consideration impact resistance, abrasion protection requirements and penetration ability. In addition, operators must learn how to put tools into the ground in a way that maximizes their penetrating force, minimizes wear, and avoids unnecessary ground contact. Periodic inspections looking for worn, damaged, loose or missing GET components are important. By having prudent approach speeds, the damage to GET as well as other machine components can be significantly reduced. Equipment should be operated smoothly since jerky motions create shock loads that can break GET and damage other components. It is recommended to keep a record how many hours each GET lasts in a specific job in order to improve future selection. These specific considerations for each machine will guarantee a better performance from the equipment as well as reduced replacement costs and down time.

Tractor & Grader Supplies is a proud Titan and Black Cat Blade dealer and offers free professional evaluations of your operation and make recommendations on the best GET selection specifically suited to you. Whether you have bull dozers, loaders, scrapers, excavators, dump trucks or a special application you need to speak to TGS.

Tractor & Grader Supplies Pty Ltd stocking branches in South Africa (Johannesburg, Natal, Pretoria, Cape, Mpumalanga), Zimbabwe (Harare), Swaziland (Matsapha) and Zambia (Ndola).

Head Office Tel: 0027 11 3927533


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