Rexsee Provides a Stellar HTML5 Application Development Framework for Android

25-Jul-2012 | News-Press Release

Rexsee is a company that has devoted a lot of time to furthering the cause of Android Application Development. As Android continues to grow across the world, and their platform becomes one of the most popular in the world, it is always good to have framework that helps you to bring certain technologies to the platform that may not have been there before. Mainly, the company is focused on bringing an Android development platform to the table in an effort to further it, and bring more to the users.

Rexsee focuses on the HTML 5 framework, in an effort to bring the technology to Android in a big way. It is clear that the web is heading toward HTML 5 as a regularly used development language, but we are still some time away from seeing all browsers and platforms accept it as the go to language. Rexsee attempts to push the technology forward, allowing Android Applications to utilize the technology,, and bring the technology to more Android devices. With more than 2,000 Rexsee APIs, you will always be able to enable access to any device, and Rexsee always supports native views for Android, aside from HTML 5 UI.

The company also places a large focus on bringing the platform international. With a recently developed Chinese version of their software online, you can port your application to different languages for Chinese users. In all, their goal is to make the platform more accessible overall, and easier for developers to develop apps as well. They allow you to compile your APK online, and provide an open source and free framework available to you for more efficient Android development.

Frameworks such as Rexsee have become more popular across nearly all programming languages in recent years. Frameworks allow you to cut down on the amount of code that you use when developing, and also make the process much easier during the development stages. By creating a framework that does all of the basic development cost for you, it allows the developer to focus more on crafting their product. This will surely be a trend that continues to grow in popularity far into the future, if only because of the usefulness of third-party frameworks in programming.

Rexsee is a leading company in Android development framework, and continues to be an excellent resource for developers that are looking to program HTML 5 applications for the many Android devices. With Android moving from just mobile phones to tablets last year, it is clear that we are going to see the number of Android devices skyrocket in the coming weeks and months. With frameworks like Rexsee, the goal is to make development as easy as possible for companies and individuals that are looking to bring new technology to these platforms. Rexsee is a leading Android development framework.

Android Application Development has become a booming industry, with Android Applications requiring various Frameworks for efficient programming, such as the HTML5 framework provided by Rexsee.

A look at Rexsee and HTML5 on the Android platform. Rexsee provides a worlds leading HTML 5 platform for Android.

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