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Cape Town, Western Cape ( prsafe ) July 21, 2012 - Ever stood on a thorn? Walked barefoot on a gravelly road? Or hot footed it across the parking lot to your car after a balmy day on the beach? In South Africa, thousands of children do just that. Only they do it for miles, every day, just to get to school.

These children come from families who just can't afford to buy school shoes for their children. When there's a choice of feeding the family or buying shoes, it's no surprise that food wins. Sadly, this means children are often turned away from the school gates because they don't have the regulation shoes.

Keren Trabelsi, CEO of Bellabaci International understands the pivotal role education plays in changing lives and has initiated a program within Bellabaci and Suntra Spa to aid and help these underprivileged children. "We hope to be able to make a difference to these children and their parents, we take so much for granted when getting our kids ready for school in the morning, never really ever thinking that there is a child out there that does not have the same necessities that we have, so we've come up with a plan to provide school shoes to these children".

Recently, Bellabaci staff and Keren Trabelsi…delivered 100 pairs of shoes to kids up to the age of 8 at Sobambbisana and Sokumlandela primary schools in the Western, South Africa. "We need a lot more and I thank all those people who have made this possible by purchasing our fabulous products" said Ms Trabelsi.

For every Bellabaci product sold worldwide, we will donate $1.00 towards school shoes. Together we have the power to enrich a child's life and improve their prospects for the future. One Bellabaci kiss at a time.

Bellabaci International is expanding its base of operations into the USA market by attending the 2012 Las Vegas CosmoProf show where they will be launching their unique, one of a kind Homeopathic essential oils complex range. The oils are manufactured by Lillian Terry exclusively for Bellabaci.

Thousands of long-suffering women worldwide are trying, testing and proving that the Bellabaci Body Massage System and cellulite elimination massage technique is by far the most effective, sustainable and affordable natural cellulite treatment on the market today. Combined with the incredible new Bellabaci "Pure Energy" Cellu range of cellulite-busting Aromeopathy oils,Bellabaci is positioned as the logical, practical and easy anti-cellulite solution for women to do in the convenience of their homes in less than 10 minutes per day. Costing pennies compared to the painful and invasive spa and plastic surgery alternatives, Bellabaci is seeing phenomenal growth in the war against unwanted cellulite.

Learn more about the Bellabaci opportunity. Seeking agents/distributors worldwide - Please contact Derrick Z. Venter at

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We are pleased to announce that at Suntra Spa, we are now doing this amazing treatment.

The ionithermie is a 5 in 1 detoxifying and corrective treatment that is a musthave for anyone that has a concern with excess adiposity and cellulite.

How does it work

Firstly, we cover the problem areas such a thighs, buttocks, abdomen and upper arms with gauze. Next, we apply green algae and clay on concerned area. Once all the areas are covered with the mineral ingredients we place the positive and negative electrodes on main muscles. Whilst soothing, galvanic and faradic stimuli is contracting and relaxing the muscles and active ingredients are pushed deeper into the skin thus allowing the body to clear itself from toxins and removing stagnant lymph which is often known to cause the orange peel effect commonly known as cellulite.

Benefits of ionithermie

Remove toxins and deeply cleanse the body from within

Increase blood and lymphatic circulation

Increase metabolic function

Reduce the appearance of cellulite

Enhance and smooth skin consistency

Enhance muscle tone

Helps to rejuvenate tired muscles and flatten abdominal muscles

Helps relieve irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and lethargy.

Breakdown of fatty deposits

Whilst client is feeling soothing and stimulating sensation of galvanic and faradic it helps reduce the size of the waist by almost anything from 1-8inches.

Ionithermie leaves your skin feeling healthy and energetic. Your therapist will discuss a proper maintenance plan with you including your ionithermie.

As an added benefit to this treatment you can use Bellabaci body cups and Lilian Terry oil.

The cups increase circulation, fight cellulite and helps improve overall wellbeing.

Lilian terry oils are a mix of essential oils and homeopathic ingredients that penetrate deep into the cells.

The Cellu 1, 2 and 3 are specially designed to fight cellulite- with the added benefits of the Bellabaci cups your results will be immediate.

For more details please visit:


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