HandiWorld offers topnotch vehicle luggage - inflatable and stowable to meet your needs!

28-Jul-2012 | News-Press Release

If you have more stuff than you can move, and you have to move it, stop and think before you have a roof rack installed.

At HandiWorld, luggage for the 21rst century is here - from their roof racks to duffels, carts and car top containers, HandiWorld has what you need to move your stuff efficiently; whether you're driving an Audi, a Stoda, a Nissan or a Ford, HandiWorld has what you need for vehicle luggage at handiworld.com.

The HandiRack and the HR20 are both inflatable systems designed to fit on a wide variety of cars - they are easily stowable in the boot and take just minutes to install.

The HR20 is a very cost effective way of installing car roof bars on your vehicle when you have items that don't weigh that much - canoes or kayaks spring to mind, but they are lust a cool looking, light duty roof rack objects under 20 kg's.

Just like the HandiRack, the HR20 does not affect your door or window operations at all, unlike some other roof rack bars.

The HandiRack is a heavier duty version of the RS20, and can easily hold loads up to and over 50 kg's - they are specifically designed to fit the HandiHoldall and HandiDuffel as well as off brand vehicle luggage.

When you are on vacation, or on business, sometimes your car simply does not have the room for everything you need to carry - traditional roof racks are very expensive, must be installed by a professional, and put added drag on your car, not to mention the visual aspects of them - they decrease your car in esthetics and mileage.

HandiWorld's car luggage and car luggage accessories will never do that - there is no easier car roof bars to install, and when you're not using them they are simply tucked out of the way, waiting until you do need them again!

The two pieces of luggage are near genius - let's start with the HandiDuffel; this great piece of luggage has a waterproof zipper and is made from tough PVC fabric, which is also waterproof - you will not have to worry about anything inside the HandiDuffel getting wet, even when you are driving through a downpour.

The HandiDuffel will, of course, work with any car roof racks or roof bars - but if you don't already have them on your car, it would be much easier to get the HandiRacks or the HR20 racks for light loads.

The HandiDuffel has easy grab straps that make moving it a snap, and a shoulder strap for easy carry as well - this excellently designed and built duffel will hold a capacity of 135 litres of nearly everything you can think up!

Bets of all, the HandiDuffel is designed so that two of them will fit perfectly inside of HandiWorld's HandiHoldall, their premier piece of luggage - the HandiHoldall has a capacity of 280 litres, and also comes with a waterproof zipper, and it also was designed specifically for the HandiRack portable car rack system; this semi stiff collapsible roof box is visually attractive and scientifically advanced - just like all of HandiWorld's great, well-built products, they make moving your life easier.

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