No Messes With Pretend Kid's Makeup

03-Aug-2012 | News-Press Release

The human male is a very interesting animal to observe and behaves in predictable patterns withinnature. For example, the idea of kids pretend makeup from a human male’s perspective is both absurdand preposterous. Not to mention, stupid, at least from his perspective. After all, how important is itto look like real makeup and feel like real makeup? Can’t you just paint an old container of makeup abright color and the young will play with it during all their developmental years? And how inconvenientis it to clean up a makeup mess made by a little girl? Isn’t it just a Clorox wipe away from clean? Ina recent conversation with a male who’s female informed him that she wanted to get kids pretendmakeup for their daughter he responded with a classic human male response. "That’s stupid, I don’t getit."

You see, the male within the human species doesn’t like to spend any money on items that he doesn’tpersonally derive any utility from. This is regardless of how his female views the situation. In fact, It’sonly due to his physical ardor for the female that he ever considers the possibility of funding an itemor items that do not clear his short list of utility. The human female, being keenly aware of this facttakes full advantage at every opportunity. Thus the human male purchases items such as kids pretendmakeup to foster the hope of a future mating ritual with his chosen female.

This takes place in spite of having virtually zero understanding of the value that the female places onthis item. To her, it represents freedom, cleanliness, establishing a clear role model for behavior andno more mess after her young female completes her playing grown up on a daily basis. All of this takesplace directly in front of the male, yet he seems oblivious to how it impacts his females. Fortunately, forthe human male he does have this built in programmed desire for the female and so he compromises histendency for selfishness and will acquiesce to her desires with a frequency that surprises most observersof this ritual.

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