Smartphone Report: Gaming, Digital Music Distribution and Entertainment Opportunities 2011-2016

10-Aug-2012 | General Article (Non-News)

Is the Smartphone capable of swallowing the market for both handheld consoles and personal music players? Our research show that with declining iPod sales and an explosion in downloads of Smartphone game apps; the answer is yes. This report details the opportunities arising from this unique situation and also traces the future revenue generating potential of the Smartphone, as a one stop entertainment device.

Gaming to secure revenue streams
How can developers, operators and handset manufacturers' monetise the games app? As successful Smartphone games like Angry Birds reveal the vast revenue streams and franchise possibilities of Smartphone games, this report underlines the transformative effect that LTE and 4G will have on the Smartphones capabilities. With a host of features exclusive to these devices the opportunities set to open up between 2011 and 2016 will see the Smartphone revolutionise the mobile entertainment industry.

The changing face of the music industry
How will music and the cloud impact on the Smartphone market? As the music industry witnesses the steady terminal decline of both digital downloads and personal music players, 2011 marks a turning point in the relationship between Smartphones and digital music. With cloud services transforming the way consumers listen to songs, mobile based cloud services are set to make Smartphones indispensible, driving adoption rates and revenue streams.

What is Different about this Report?
We conducted an independent and unbiased non-vendor affiliated assessment of the Smartphone gaming music and entertainment market. We surveyed and interviewed several key industry players to gain an in-depth view of the market. We believe such a research will help you in assessing the market potential and in designing Smartphone gaming music and entertainment strategies.

Some of the key points researched and forecasted include:
• How will Smartphones in mass market evolve by 2016?
• Where is Smartphone Gaming headed?
• Can Smartphones replace handheld gaming consoles and mp3 players?
• Which mobile platform is the best choice for entertainment application developers in terms of UI and manageability?
• What are the Smartphone related challenges facing MNOs?
• What is the impact of Android's growth on other platforms adoption by mass market?
• What are the key entertainment applications necessary to drive adoption of Smartphones?
• Will LTE change the way we use Smartphones as entertainment devices?
• What new entertainment applications will be supported by LTE?
• How can operators monetise these opportunities?

Who needs to read this report?
• Service Providers - Generating revenues from entertainment apps is a tricky business for service providers. These reports details how best to monetise apps of all kinds and suggest business models that will reap the most significant benefits.
• Music and games industry members - with both the games industry and music industry in a time of flux, there may be fears due to unpredictable revenue streams. The Smartphone represents a sure fire path to success for both industries. This report offers solutions to those seeking to make headway in the Smartphone arena and ensure
• App Developers - Key to the success of any game app is the developer. This report details revenue share figures, the most successful OEMs and Platforms for which games should be created and outlines how future technologies can be used to innovate and exploit the unique abilities of a Smartphone.

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Smartphone Report: Gaming, Digital Music Distribution and Entertainment Opportunities 2011-2016


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