UAE Power Sector Analysis

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UAE is a rapidly growing economy whose electricity sector needs are anticipated to increase upto 50% in order to meet its growing demand for power, by the year 2020. UAE also has one of the highest levels of per capita power consumption across the globe. The electricity consumption in the UAE region is slated to cross 100 TWh by 2012, putting pressure on the supply side. In fact, the power demand is expected to increase at one of the highest rate in the Middle East region till 2020.

In 2011, more than 90% of total electricity generated came from thermal based sources in UAE, which is expected to reduce to 90% by 2015. Most of the power in UAE is fuelled by oil and natural gas. At the same time, government is also keen to develop renewable sources of power for future, included investment into nuclear based energy.

Government’s projections for investment into the UAE power sector are promising. The nation plans to invest more than US$ 50 Billion of funds in the sector till around 2015. In fact, till the year 2020, private sector is projected to be presented with an opportunity to invest upto US$ 100 Billion into the power generation sector.

Some of the prominent players in the UAE energy market are Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority and Federal Electricity and Water Authority. The seven Emirates in the UAE are catered by these four electricity and water authorities.

Table of Contents
1. UAE Power Sector Overview
2. Power Sector Indicators
2.1 Installed Capacity by Emirates & Fuel
2.2 Electricity Generation by Emirates
2.3 Electricity Consumption by Emirates & Sector
2.4 Peak Demand
3. GCC Power Grid
4. Emerging Power Sector Trends
4.1 Focus on Renewable Energy: Government Initiatives & Projects
4.2 Nuclear Power Programme
4.3 Electricity Sector Privatization
4.4 Rising Investments
5. Power Sector Plans & Policy Framework
5.1 UAE Economic & Energy Affairs Authority
5.2 Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030
5.3 UAE Nuclear Energy Policy
5.4 Private Sector Participation in Dubai Power Sector
6. Power Sector Regulatory Authorities
6.1 Federal Electricity & Water Authority
6.2 Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation
6.3 Abu Dhabi Regulation & Supervision Bureau
6.4 Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority
6.5 Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority
6.6 Dubai Electricity & Water Sector Regulation & Control Office
6.7 Dubai Supreme Council of Energy
6.8 Dubai Electricity & Water Authority
7. Competitive Landscape
7.1 Abu Dhabi Transmission & Dispatch Company
7.2 Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Company
7.3 Arabian Power Company
7.4 Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation
7.5 Fujairah Asia Power Company
7.6 Emirates Sembcorp Water & Power Company
7.7 Abu Dhabi Distribution Company

List of Figures
Figure 2-1: UAE- Cumulative Electricity Generation Installed Capacity (MW), 2006-2014
Figure 2-2: UAE- Electricity Generation Capacity by Fuel, 2010
Figure 2-3: Federal Electricity and Water Authority Installed Capacity (MW), 2006-2011
Figure 2-4: Federal Electricity and Water Authority Installed Capacity by Fuel (MW), 2006-2010
Figure 2-5: Sharjah - Electricity Installed Capacity (MW), 2006-2011
Figure 2-6: Sharjah - Electricity Installed Capacity by Fuel (MW), 2006-2010
Figure 2-7: Dubai - Electricity Installed Capacity (MW), 2006-2011
Figure 2-8: Dubai - Electricity Installed Capacity by Fuel (MW), 2006-2011
Figure 2-9: Abu Dhabi - Electricity Installed Capacity (MW), 2006-2011
Figure 2-10: Abu Dhabi - Electricity Installed Capacity by Fuel (MW), 2006-2010
Figure 2-11: UAE - Electricity Generation (GWh), 2006-2011
Figure 2-12: Abu Dhabi - Electricity Generation (GWh), 2006-2011
Figure 2-13: Dubai - Electricity Generation (GWh), 2006-2011
Figure 2-14: Sharjah - Electricity Generation (GWh), 2006-2011
Figure 2-15: Electricity Generation by Federal Electricity and Water Authority, 2007-2011
Figure 2-16: UAE - Electricity Consumption (GWh), 2006-2014

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UAE Power Sector Analysis


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