Sun Labs Offering Free Health Information on Dangers of Tanning Without Lotion

12-Aug-2012 | News-Press Release

Sun Laboratories is pleased to announce that it is now offering free information to site visitors on various topics associated with Sun Tanner products and the hazards of Tanning Without Lotion. This information can be beneficial to anyone who is currently tanning or planning to tan in the future as there are certain health risks individuals should be aware of before they consider tanning without lotion.

Over the years, it has been well-documented that tanning without lotion can cause serious health issues. Perhaps the most commonly known health issue is skin cancer. Exposure to even moderate levels of ultraviolet rays can have an effect on a person's skin and the underlying tissue if that person is not protected from these rays. It is also widely known that this type of health issue can be cumulative. This means that the damage can add up over time. In simple terms, the longer an individual indulges in tanning without lotion, the more damage he or she may experience.

Sun Labs has been developing high-quality sun tanner products for decades. They are known the world over as a leader in superior tanning products that offer high levels of protection to users of those products. As part of their commitment to helping people achieve their desired tan, in a safe manner, they have now included important information on their website to help individuals better understand the hazards that they may face when tanning without lotion. Sun Labs believes that as consumers become more aware of the various issues associated with unprotected tanning, they will begin to use the protective products that will help prevent these health issues.

In addition to providing important information on safety issues associated with tanning without lotion, Sun Labs also wants to help consumers to better understand that not all tanning lotions or tanning products are the same. Many consumers are under the false impression that using any type of tanning lotion, regardless of quality, will protect them from harm. This is simply not true, and sun Labs is committed to assisting consumers in getting the knowledge and information that they need in order to make the best, most intelligent, buying decision when it comes to tanning products.

One way that Sun Labs helps consumers to understand the underlying importance of quality when it comes to sun tanner products is by offering its customers in-depth information on the products that they, Sun Labs, offer to the public. When consumers know what they are buying, and are confident that they are protected from harmful rays, consumers can better enjoy their tanning experience. The tanning products offered by Sun Labs have all been tested and are made from some of the highest quality ingredients on the market today. Their dedication to excellence has earned them a reputation of being one of the best in the industry; a reputation which they are very proud of having achieved.

To learn more about Sun Labs sun tanner products or to read more on issues associated with tanning without lotion, simply visit their website. Access to the site is free and there is never any pressure on visitors to buy anything. Protect yourself with knowledge!

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