Research and Investment Evaluation Report of China's Yeast Market from 2011 to 2015

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Yeast has a rich natural nutrition system. In recent years, yeast was used more widely. It is not only limited to food fermentation but also used in many other fields such as animal feed, seasoning and pharmacy.

China’s yeast production is occupied by high active dry yeast, its output accounts for more than 50% of the total yeast output. Feed yeast accounts for 15% of total output and is the second largest category of yeast in China.

Chinese yeast market concentration degree is relatively high, the leading enterprises have bargaining power. There are about eighteen yeast factories in China, among these factories, Angel Yeast, AB Mauri and Lesaffre own twelve factories, the production capacity accounts for 82%. Market competition is mainly focused on the oligopolistic competition between the joint venture of Mauri and Lesaffre and Angel Yeast.

Table of Contents
1. Overview of Yeast Industry
1.1 General Analysis of Yeast
1.1.1 Introduction
1.1.2 Main Yeast Product
1.2 Cost of Production
2. Current Development Situation of China’s Yeast Industry
2.1 Output of Yeast in China
2.2 Competitive Situation of Yeast Industry
2.2.1 International Competitive Situation
2.2.2 Competitive Situation in China
2.3 Forecast of Industrial Development in China
3. Analysis of Raw Materials and Market Demand in China
3.1 Supply of Raw Materials
3.2 Analysis of Market Demand
4. Research of Key Yeast Enterprises in China
4.1 Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.1.1 General Introduction
4.1.2 Overall Development Situation
4.1.3 Management and Marketing Strategy
4.1.4 Angel Yeast (Binzhou) Co., Ltd.
4.1.5 Angel Yeast (Chifeng) Co., Ltd.
4.1.6 Angel Yeast (Yili) Co., Ltd.
4.1.7 Angel Yeast (Chongzuo) Co., Ltd.
4.1.8 Angel Yeast (Suixian) Co., Ltd.
4.2.1 General Introduction
4.2.2 Overall Development Situation
4.2.3 Meishan Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.2.4 Harbin Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.2.5 Hebei Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.2.6 Yantai Mauri Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.2.7 Xinjiang Mauri Food Co., Ltd.
4.2.8 ABF (Harbin) Food Additive Co., Ltd.
4.3 Lesaffre (Far East) Limited
4.3.1 General Introduction
4.3.2 Lesaffre (Guangming) Limited Company
4.3.3 Guangxi Danbaoli Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.4 Zhuhai Ziying Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
4.5 Guangdong Jiangmen Center for Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd.
4.6 Shandong Xiwang Yeast Co., Ltd.
4.7 Qiqihaer Tailong Food Co., Ltd.
4.8 Jiuding Yeast Co., Ltd

List of Charts
Fig. Main Application of Yeast Flavor
Fig. Consumption Ratio of Yeast in China
Fig. Constitution of Cost of Production
Fig. Output of Yeast in China
Fig. Global Main Manufactures in Yeast Industry
Fig. Product Capacity of China’s Main Enterprises
Fig. Global Molasses Output in Crushing Seasons
Fig. Output of Finished Product Sugar
Fig. Top10 Areas of China’s Output of Finished Product Sugar in 2011
Fig. Estimation of Sugar Planting Area in 2011
Fig. Molasses Price Trend
Fig. Yeast Demand Structure in China
Fig. Main Product and Application Areas of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.
Fig. General Introduction of Subsidiaries of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.
Fig. Distribution of Production Bases and Capacity of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.
Fig. Development Trend of Capacity of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.
Fig. Gross Assets of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. from 2009 to 2011
Fig. Income of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. from 2009 to 2011
Fig. Profit Situation of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. from 2009 to 2011

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Research and Investment Evaluation Report of China’s Yeast Market from 2011 to 2015


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