Medical Device Packaging Outreach

24-Aug-2012 | News-Press Release

Idyllwild, CA ( prsafe ) August 22, 2012 - Some of us may remember the traveling salivation shows where wayfaring evangelists would preach the word of God from a circus tent set up in a dusty field. These itinerant fabric churches are an excellent example of an early outreach effort in America. Across the US we see all types of mobile functions springing up, the latest under this mobile paradigm is the food truck craze. Young Entrepreneurs taking their unique recipes to the streets for a fraction of the cost of opening a restaurant. Every service one can imagine from dog groomers to Doctors can be brought right to your doorstep. We have all become exceedingly busy and if someone can bring things to us, then, well, why not? I have someone that comes to my home for my haircut; such a thing was only for celebrities a few decades back.

Many of these technologies can be directly attributed to saving lives. But perhaps in the saving lives venue we have to give our kudos to emerging medical devices. Arterial stents have extended the lives of millions of patients worldwide. With arterial and heart disease being the frontrunners of early death, there is no wonder that so much is at stake with these new paradigms in medical devices.

But our job isn't over yet as medical device technologists until we can safely deliver our efficacious devices into the sterile field without the product or its sterility being compromised.

Some reports suggest that more than 90000 people die each year from contact with non-sterile medical devices. Most of these are likely attributed to the hospital sterilization group. But many too, may be coming from medical device OEMs. Although this is a little-talked-about crisis, you can expect to hear more in the coming years.

One company in Southern California feels that this egregious shortcoming could easily be solved with more advanced smart packaging technology. Van der Stahl Scientific has been granted two U.S. patents on medical device packaging technology that is slated to will change the way medical device packagers package their devices.

Company president Charlie Webb says that, "Certain force policy compliance systems can be an incredible asset for medical device companies. Unfortunately, many employees are not watching the sterile packaging process closely enough and we believe that it's simply reckless to not utilize smart technologies like our MS-451 PV Medical Device Packager.

Webb adds, "This system forces operators to test pouches periodically and non-conforming pouches will be rejected and the machine will not continue to package until a quality assurance person can evaluate possible failures."

Van der Stahl Scientific is so passionate about this new technology, they are taking their message on the road in what they are calling, The Medical Device Packaging Road Trip," which they also jokingly call "corporate camping."

On this road trip, they will be visiting device companies, spreading the message of sterile device packaging compliance.

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