Merger and Investment Prospect of China's Outdoor Supplies Industry from 2011 to 2015

24-Aug-2012 | General Article (Non-News)

The characteristics of target consumers of outdoor supplies in China are roughly as follows:

Most of them are male at the age of 26 to 35
Single or married without child
With bachelor’s degree or above
Monthly salaries of CNY 3000 to 8000
They usually buy 5 to 8 kinds of outdoor supplies and pay attention to applications
Obtain the outdoor information on line or in the magazine,
Have a long journey above 3 times a year, climb mountain 2 or 3 times a month
Pursue different lives, like to meet challenges, long for passion
Believe that life is full of changes and value health, kinships friends and honors.

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Table of Contents
1. Overview of Outdoor Supplies
1.1 Related Definition of Outdoor Supplies
1.1.1 Definition of Outdoor Sports
1.1.2 Definition of Outdoor Supplies
1.2 Classification of Outdoor Supplies
1.2.1 Clothing
1.2.2 Shoes
1.2.3 Backpacks
1.2.4 Camping Trip Gear
1.2.5 Special Outdoor Sport Equipment
2. Development Environment of China’s Outdoor Supplies Industry
2.1 The Rising of China’s Outdoor Sports Booms the Market of Outdoor Supplies
2.2 Outdoor Supplies Industry Has Become a New Economic Growth Point
2.3 Outdoor Supplies Industry Has Upgraded to a Popularized Industry
2.4 The Market of China’s Outdoor Supplies Is Gradually Mature and Rational
3. Development of Outdoor Supplies Industry
3.1 Overview of Outdoor Supplies Industry Development
3.1.1 Development of Outdoor Supplies Industry in Europe and America
3.1.2 Sales of American Outdoor Supplies in 2011
3.1.3 Wide Development Prospect for German Outdoor Supplies Market
3.2 Summary of China’s Outdoor Supplies Industry Development
3.2.1 Characteristics of Development
3.2.2 Diversification of Development
3.2.3 Regional and Seasonal Features
3.2.4 High Concentration Ratio
3.2.5 Main Barrier to Access
3.3 Development of China’s Outdoor Supplies Industry from 2008 to 2011
3.3.1 Rapid Development in 2008
3.3.2 Quick Progress in 2009
3.3.3 Development Dynamic in 2009
3.3.4 Development in 2010
3.3.5 Development in 2011
3.3.6 Sales of Outdoor Fashion Sport Products for Large-scale Retail Dealer in 2011
3.4 Problem and Countermeasure of China’s Outdoor Supplies Industry Development
3.4.1 Negative Factor of Development
3.4.2 Unfavorable Situation
3.4.3 Product Standard to Be Perfected
3.4.4 Existing Shortcoming of Marketing Management
3.4.5 Countermeasure of Development
4. Market and Consumption of China’s Outdoor Supplies
4.1 Current Situation of China’s Outdoor Supplies Market
4.1.1 Rapid Development
4.1.2 Increase of Market Share for the Big Brands
4.1.3 Opportunity of Development
4.1.4 Imbalance of Development
4.2 Consumers of China’s Outdoor Supplies Market
4.2.1 Customer Group
4.2.2 Characteristics of Customer
4.2.3 Customer Channel
4.3 Characteristics of Power Buyers for China’s Tourism Outdoor Supplies
4.3.1 Overview of Tourism Outdoor Supplies and Power Buyers
4.3.2 Theoretical Hypothesis
4.3.3 Method of Research
4.3.4 Result of Research
4.3.5 Conclusion and Discussion
4.3.5 Enlightment of Marketing
4.4 Consumption Investigation of China’s Outdoor Shoes in 2010
4.4.1 Basic Information of Target Object
4.4.2 Outdoor Shoes Owned
4.4.3 Outdoor Shoes Choosing
4.4.4 Popularity of Outdoor Shoes

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Merger and Investment Prospect of China’s Outdoor Supplies Industry from 2011 to 2015


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