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SEO Leads - How to Attract Them Using Social Media & Public Relations

05-Sep-2012 | Radnor, Pennsylvania | General Article (Non-News)

Netting yourself quality SEO leads may mean that you should be doing a little bit of SEO on your own accord to garner them. Hard work will ultimately pay off in the end. In this instance, there are some timeless marketing methods that you can implement that can pay off with the fat return of quality, organic SEO leads that convert. Here are some simple pointers to get you started.

Expanding Reach to New Engines

Don't limit yourself to the major search engines (Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.). Hit the other search engines, too; the social media engines. Ensure that you have a strong social media presence on the most popular hubs. Populate your hubs with quality content, and the SEO leads will stream in.

The Power of the Press

Never underestimate the power of the press release. People read the news, plain and simple. Give them authority news about your products and services, and they will become attracted. Attract interest and sell a great product, and your SEO leads will convert into strong, healthy sales.

Don't Underestimate the Blogosphere

Blog until your fingers bleed. Blog every day. Tell the world about what you have to offer and why. Connect with people on a personal, authoritative manner. Once they understand why they need you and why they are unable to do what you do because they lack the proper experience, guess what: they will hire you!

Article Marketing for SEO Leads

Article marketing for SEO leads is nearly as important as it is a part of the integral SEO process itself. Using well written, authoritative and educational-based article pieces, one can easily spread the word to highly ranked and dominate article directories that capture target demographic users and tell them about the products and services you have, netting the best leads that money simply can't buy: targeted, organic and prequalified SEO leads that come to you of their own accord and interest.

Sharing is Caring (for SEO Leads) By sharing is caring we mean: sharing your blogs and your press releases as well as articles with the world. Who is really going to know what you have to say if you don't create an easy way for them to find out what you have to say? At the end of the day, you decide your reach. Increase your reach by syndicating your articles, blogs and press releases via multiple social media channels to best spread the word, and at the end of the day: you will ultimately generate more SEO leads.

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