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Tempered or Non-Tempered, Which Should You Choose

07-Sep-2012 | Wentzville, Missouri | General Article (Non-News)

If you are faced with having to replace windows, tabletops or shower doors you will most likely be faced with the decision of tempered or non-tempered replacement glass. The differences between using tempered or non-tempered glass can simply be narrowed down to safety. Depending on the use and the area where it will be used, tempered glass offers you a stronger replacement option. There are many different ways in which each type of glass can be used; what we are going to try and do is help you make an informed decision.

Tempered glass is a term that is used to describe glass that has been treated and manufactured to be up to five times safer than regular glass. This high safety standard is what makes it the ideal choice when the glass you are replacing will be used regularly. The process of manufacturing tempered glass differs greatly than what is done to produce regular glass. For those who are considering purchasing tempered glass, Daryn Weatherman has ensured that all of the tempered glass that leaves his doors, has been produced using the highest quality standards.

When tempered glass is made, it is cut to the specific size that is needed before it is treated. This is primarily due to the fact that once glass has been treated to become tempered glass, it cannot be cut. If you try to cut a piece of tempered glass it will shatter. This is one of key factors that have made tempered glass more popular among home owners and others who are safety conscience. Once the glass has been cut to size, the edges are belt seamed or sanded in order to remove any jagged or sharp pieces that may still be on the glass. After the edges of the glass have been smoothed, it is then washed to remove any debris that may have been left over from the treatment phase. The final step in producing tempered glass is to heat it to almost 1200 degrees Fahrenheit and then immediately cool it. This heating phase is what gives the glass the desired tempered effect.

When choosing tempered glass over non-tempered glass you will not lose any clarity. Tempered glass is just as clear as non-tempered glass. If a piece of tempered glass appears rough or feels rough, it is because the glass was not properly treated. A properly treated piece of tempered glass will have the same smooth feel and clarity as untreated glass. In most cases it is hard to tell simply by looking, which piece of glass has been tempered. To ensure that you are purchasing a piece of tempered glass, you should look for the mandatory tempered glass stamp that is applied to every piece of tempered glass. This seal can be found on all of the tempered glass that is used by Daryn Weatherman and St. Louis Glass and Glazing Inc.

If you are looking for glass that will be used as shower doors, sliding doors or windows; you should consider using tempered glass. Tempered glass will provide you with a higher level of safety than untreated glass. If safety is your primary concern, tempered glass is definitely the right choice. To ensure that the glass you are choosing is appropriate for your needs, consult the experts who work for Daryn Weatherman at St. Louis Glass and Glazing Inc. they have years of experience and can help you choose the glass that best suits your needs.

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