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24-Sep-2012 | London | General Article (Non-News)

London, UK ( Newsbox ) September 21, 2012 - What does a TM 44 air conditioning inspection cover?

"Behdad Yazdani is answering some common questions on TM 44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports; he also explains why it is important to make yourself familiar with TM44 legislation and air con reports" [Pre-Approved Quote]

Let me clarify an important fact here before giving any answers.

Air conditioning inspection is a visual inspection.

Let me divide the answer into 2 different categories:

The first category is what we do it TM 44 inspections and second actions is what we don't in air conditioning inspections we check the condition of indoor and outdoor units of air conditioning systems. We also check to see if the units are operational.

In TM 44 inspections we check the pipework insulation. We also check the compressors to see if they are functional.

One of the most important subjects we have to cover as a part of air conditioning survey is the refrigerant leakage.

Majority of refrigerants which has been used in old air conditioning systems are not ozone friendly refrigerant so when they escape from to atmosphere they damage the ozone.

As an air conditioning inspector it is our responsibility to spot any leakage in the system and notify the site manager on this matter.

As an energy assessor we have to run series of calculations to see whether the system is sized OK.

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If the system is oversized or under sized we have to right recommendations in TM 44 report and advise the site engineers on relevant actions they can take to solve the issue.

As a low carbon consultant an air conditioning energy assessor has a responsibility to make suggestions on reducing the energy consumption in the building specially those which effect the consumption of electricity in the air conditioning systems.

In fact in TM 44 report we give advices on building fabric such as insulation of walls and roofs, double glazing and infiltration.

We also give some advises on heating and hot water systems in air conditioning inspection report such as minimising simultaneous operation of heating and cooling.

Also uninsulated hot water pipework would have a negative effect on energy consumption of cooling systems.

We also make comments on energy consumption patterns in the building as excess energy consumption would increase the cooling load. In TM44 inspection report we normally make comments on computers and lights which has been left on.

Changing the traditional florescent and tungsten lamps with compact florescent and LED lamps is a part of our TM44 report.

One of the most important factors in energy consumption which we cover in air conditioning survey is the control system.

One of the most important parts of air conditioning inspection reports is the control system.

No matter how efficient your system is if you can't control it properly it would become inefficient.

In TM 44 inspection we cover all type of control systems such as BMS control systems and wall mounted control systems.

One of the most comments recommendations in TM44 inspection is setting the ONOFF periods based on room occupancy. Also we recommend a suitable room temperature for each area based on standard guidance.

In TM44 inspections we have inspect every element of the building affecting the cooling load and also every system providing the cooling into the conditioned areas.

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In more complicated buildings when we are dealing with chiller units and air handling units we have to carry out level 4 air conditioning inspections so we have to cover more system in the TM 44 inspection and also make slightly different comments.

For example we check the air flow control methods in the AHU to see whether we have motorised dampers or just manual dampers.

We have to check the efficiency of fans as well to find out if they use correct amount of electricity for the amount of air they deliver.

In TM 44 inspections we also look for variable speed drives or inverters. The main responsibility for these systems is to optimise the energy consumption.

It is also very important to find out whether we can use any renewable energies such as solar panels, wind turbines, biomass boilers etc...

As an air conditioning inspector we have responsibility to make comments on health and safety as well if we identify any hazards we have to report it to the site manager.

How many units should be inspected as a part of TM 44 inspections?

Base on TM44 guideline we have to inspect 10% of the units or minimum of 3 for level 3 air conditioning inspection but in level 4 TM 44 inspections we have to inspect all air handling unit, all chiller and condenser units all control systems, we also need to inspect 1 out of 50 fan coil units and chilled beams. is nationwide service provider for air conditioning inspections, TM 44 Inspections and air conditioning surveys.

We are professional energy assessors and building services consulting engineers based in London, providing independent professional expertise in mechanical engineering for buildings and strategic energy advice. We are designers and specifiers of heating-cooling systems, and pride ourselves in finding innovative cost-effective and energy efficient solutions for new and existing buildings.


Press Contact: Behdad Yazdani - Low Carbon consultant +44- (0)2081440820


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