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New Hope For Brain Science

27-Sep-2012 | Flanders, New Jersey | General Article (Non-News)

Flanders, NJ ( Newsbox ) September 26, 2012 - A brain injury is a delicate condition, and if not properly handled, it could lead to more comatose patients finding their way into health facilities. In order to counter the effects of brain trauma, Philip Defina Treats Veterans with Brain Injuries using modern therapies that cause comatose patients to regain consciousness.

"A brain injury is a delicate condition, and if not properly handled, it could lead to more comatose patients finding their way into health facilities." [Pre-Approved Quote]

Dr Philip Defina runs the nonprofit International Brain Research Foundation in New Jersey. In the last four years, Dr Defina has used improvised approaches to brain stimulation, by using electronics, drugs and oxygen induction, with unparalleled success. Forty three people were brought out of semi conscious states through the use of these techniques.

Most of the conditions he treated were the result of blunt force trauma to the head, or explosion with the result being oxygen deprivation to the brain and the depletion of cells as in the cases of soldiers. Dr Defina and his team of scientists work on stimulating brain activity using a number of techniques, which mostly include electrical and chemical stimulation.

Oxygen inducing regiments are also used to couple electrical activity in the brain, and after keen observation, doctors are able to stabilize brain activity and prepare the right treatment. Functional imagery techniques are sometimes used as part of the treatment process; they allow the doctors to see the neural markers in the brain, which are basically the chemical and electrical patterns.

Some patients actually woke up after treatment and were able to perform simple tasks. 'There are different levels of improvement' notes doctor Defina, 'so we have different levels of the ability to recover'. The International Brain Research Foundation has received $6.4 million in funding, as congress seeks to support the innovative and wholesome brain research methodology carried on by Dr Philip Defina.

Over the years, the foundation has developed close relationships with a number of Defense Department subgroups, mostly ones dealing with healthcare. for instance, Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury has been closely working with IBRF with Dr Defina briefing military doctors on IBRF's medical approaches and condition of patients.

For improved results, patients with extensive brain injury are taken through a combination of treatments where the brain receives multiple stimulations to jumpstart, so to speak, the neural activity. Himself a former veteran, Dr Defina understands the challenges wounded soldiers face when they come home.

As the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer at IBRF and a pioneer of brain science, Dr Defina speaks frequently at the National Institute of Health and major neuroscience meetings the world over. Extensive research is still being conducted on crippling conditions such as Alzheimer's, autism and Parkinson's, and with additional support, there is going to be great breakthroughs in these fields of research.

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Stephanie Oringer 227 Route 206 North Bldg. 2, Suite 101 Flanders, N.J. 07836 T. 732.494.7600


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