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03-Mar-2011 | News-Press Release

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Tough start

An exclusive dating site called is trying to make each and everyone feel exclusive. Is that possible on the website? They claim - it is.


Lithuania based company Vertex, which runs the site, set out on a hard journey - an exclusive dating network accessible on every platform and available to everyone around the world. A tough journey indeed.

Today has support for iPhone and Android apps. Also a touch version, followed by a wap page which mirrors nearly every feature. It's available in 6 languages and currently masses 170 K members who generate almost 7 000 000 pages views each month and mots of them have their real pictures and spend on average 30 minutes a day browsing the site.

You would be surprised but you also won't see any ads on the web - a bit unusual for these days, you might say even exclusive. Developers says that they want to keep the users focused on what they came for - and that is finding a date.

Reward, reward and reward.

Badges are quite popular almost on every site. People like getting something for what they did. is not an exception, but the developers wanted to do something different, something more useful then just a badge.

So the guys at Vertex started to reward a user with certain amount of Hot Points for his actions. For example, to get 100 Hot Points all you have to do is upload 12 pictures. Considered that you going to upload several of your pictures anyway, that's not a hard task to complete. And you get a better profile – two in one. This way over 500 000 Hot points are earned each month.

All the revenue is generated from virtual goods and extra features, a business plan widely used today. There are thousands of dating websites and it is a harsh competition, but definitely has the right set of feature to distinct it self form the rest. It's only a matter of time when it will be in the center of attention.

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