Winter is here, what kind of bedding should we choose?

29-Jan-2021 | Texas | General Article (Non-News)

Winter is here, what kind of bedding should we choose?

  As the weather got colder and colder, cable knit throws blankets began to be taken out of the wardrobes, and microfiber duvet covr set that belonged to spring and summer were temporarily hidden in the wardrobes.Whether in terms of warmth retention or moisture absorption, Microfiber is indeed more suitable for spring and summer. Because the moisture regains of chemical fiber fabrics is only about 0.4%, it is very easy to generate static electricity in the dry season like winter.

  Static electricity is a major problem affecting health. It may cause calcium loss, store a lot of dust on the duvet, affect the heart rate, and may cause insomnia, headaches, and other symptoms. Therefore, in winter, we should use natural fiber fabrics with good moisture absorption properties to avoid electrostatic damage, such as our microfiber duvet cover zipper closure.

   Secondly, the size of the quilt, the winter quilt needs to be bigger, because, at night, everyone has a self-protection mechanism, feeling cold will compete uncontrollably, so a large enough quilt in winter The best weapon to prevent colds.

  Finally, in the selection of fillings, we all know that duvets are the lightest and warmest products in the quilt, but they are also duvets, some are duck down, some are goose down, what is the difference between the two? Why are the prices so different? (Duck down on the top, goose down on the bottom)

Down content   Down content refers to the down content in the duvet. Generally speaking, the higher the down content, the lighter the weight, and the better the warmth retention. Generally, we can see on the washing label of the duvet/clothing that we buy: the down content is 90% or 95%, etc.

Filling amount   The amount of down filling is not an indicator to measure the quality of down, but it determines the value of the duvet or down jacket because it represents the weight of the down. With the same down content, the higher the filling amount, the more still air it can hold. More, the better the warmth.

Bulkiness   The bulkiness is an important indicator to measure the warmth of down. The standard stipulates that the space occupied by an ounce of down is 600 cubic inches, which means that the down has a bulkiness of 600. That is: under a given weight of down, the larger space occupied, the better the bulkiness and the higher the warmth retention. As far as mature goose down is compared with duck down, goose down has long down yarns, large downs, higher bulkiness, and high comfort, so it has better quality and relatively more expensive prices.

Resilience   Goose feather has better curvature, is thinner and softer than duck feather, has better elasticity, and stronger resilience.

Service life   The use time of goose down is longer than that of duck down. The use time of duck down is about 10 years, but the use time of goose down can reach more than 15 years.


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