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14-Mar-2011 | News-Press Release

Expert Lecture Series from Trade, Industry and Academics

The All India Management Association (AIMA) is an apex body of professional management having close linkages with over 3000 institutions and over 30,000 individual professionals. One of the main activities of AIMA is to convene National Management Convention every year, attended by over 1000 managers and professionals from all levels in different sectors of business, industry, academics and students. Is one of most anticipated event in the management field.

The event spread over different sessions are chaired by the top CEOs of Trade and Industry and the lectures delivered are captured and edited by Excel Multimedia to present the “Expert Lecture Series from Trade, Industry and Academics” in CD-ROMs. These CD-ROMs provide the latest essence of best management practices and knowledge.

Management and Organizational Behavior (8 CDs)

Importance of Customer Focus to an Organization

It is all about people. Service is delivered not through machines, not through technology. At the end of the day, there is a person delivering that service. One needs to take care of that person. People are trying to improve customer service. Customers don't need the product, they need a solution. If customer service has to improve in this country, then it has to start with you.
Expert View: Jayant Kochar has emphasized that CRM is not the goal, it goes much beyond. He reveals real life experiences to explain how a customer should not be treated. Leading through with some case studies, he opens a vault of customer service improvement options.

Organizing across borders

The many facets of globalization – and the innumerable technological, HR, and marketing strategies that go with that – means that globalization is different things to different companies across a wide range of products and services. Outsourcing non-key operations in the interests of efficiency, encouraging local talent while building trust where M&As are concerned, and building a solid brand are just some of the ways in which groups approach the prospect of expanding their global operations.
Expert View: Jalaj Dani & Niall Booker explore the numerous stages and ramifications of globalization, in describing the progress of their respective institutions from local players to participants on a truly international stage, and covering many of the hurdles they had to cross in the process of doing so.

Transforming technologies for the Future

Most of the current ways of doing business will become obsolete in less than 10 years, predict researchers and scientists. Sustained revolution driven by the emergence and adoption of 'disruptive' technologies, such as genetics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and technologies related to alternative energy shall become the force multipliers of the future.
Expert View: Dr. V S Arunachalam deliberates upon the issue of managing the energy challenge in the future.
Dr. C Kumar N Patel discusses the future of sensors and sensor systems. Prof. G Padmanabhan discusses the future of biotechnology, and presents an overview of the global and Indian scenario.

Challenging the leader

Challenging a global market leader is a bit like guerilla warfare, because the leader has too much mass and momentum to tackle face-to-face. One of the successful methods adopted by a challenger is to develop innovative, market driving products that beat the leaders on their own turf.
Expert View: Venu Srinivasan & Ravinder Zutshi recount how their respective companies went from being relatively unknown concerns to positions of prominence and leadership by adopting crisis-based management, innovative processes and by winning consumers over through innovative products that fulfill their innermost aspirations.

The voice within the leader

Corporate Social Responsibility depends on how business people look at what a responsible business is. If a businessman returns wealth and gives his time back to the society, that's just what he's supposed to do, because that is being a responsible businessman.
Expert View: Swami Sukhbodhanand & R Gopalakrishnan, discuss the topics of what type of leadership is necessary for a person to guide him through life, how managers interact with the world, what should be the human side of an enterprise, etc.

Creating a Leadership Pipeline

Leadership need not be about designations: leaders have the ability to take incontestable decisions appropriate to their functions. In an organizational setting, leaders provide the canvas for people to paint on.
Expert View: Hari T & Rajendra Sinh examine the content of leadership, drawing on their rich experience to drill down to the fundamentals. They stress the importance of cultivating leadership talent, and empowering performance within the organization.

Change Management to Change Leadership

Change management is fast becoming a capability rather than a competitive advantage. Successful organizations do not only respond and cope with change effectively; On a continuum, change management is getting leveraged to change leadership. This change leadership is essentially about establishing a sense of urgency, putting together
the change coalition, and finally developing the change vision for the entire organization.
Expert View: Udai Upendra & Dr. AK Balyan outline the inherent chasm between change management and change leadership. Change management, on the one hand, is driven by stimulus, whereas change leadership is driven by vision, which is aspirational.

Innovation A key Tool for the New Manager

In today's highly competitive global marketplace, continuous innovation will create and re-invent new markets, products, services, and business models.
Expert View: In this VCD we look at some key questions regarding innovation. Can innovation as a process be learnt and implemented? How does innovation become a part of an organization's DNA? What does it take for a manager to establish a culture of innovation.

Business Communications and Soft Skills (1 CD)

Listening to the People

True leaders not only hear, they listen before they analyze viewpoints and take well-weighed decisions, unlearning and learning constantly as they evolve.
Expert View: Mirai Chatterjee & Suresh P Prabhu are perfectly juxtaposed as they recount, for our benefit, two stirring sagas that exemplify the triumph of the human spirit over daunting adversity.

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