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3 Hens Night Etiquette You Must Not Forget

21-Apr-2022 | Prahran | General Article (Non-News)

Planning a hens night is stressful, especially if you are new to the concept or planning one for the first time. If you haven't arranged a hen party before, you must remember a few rules to ensure everyone has a good time: Whom to invite? How much should each person pay? How raunchy can it get? Answers to questions such as these decides the success of your hen party.

  1. The Party Is All About The Bride:

The bride is the star of the night. Naturally, things must revolve around her preferences. Unless you know the bride very well, do not make assumptions about the guest list. Not everyone is comfortable having their in-laws or parents on a hens night - check with the bride to know who she wants to be there. She doesn't have to know other details, but knowing the number of guests who will be there will help decide the kind of party you are hosting.

If you are picky about things and tempted to take over things, remind yourself that you're there for the bride and make her night special.

  1. Don't Get Too Drunk:

Drinking can be fun, but too much can spoil the mood for everyone. There's nothing pretty about getting wasted, and throwing up is embarrassing for you and the bride, especially if you're in a public place. Don't steal the show from the bride-to-be and embarrass her by stripping off or dancing on the table. Make sure you eat well before hitting the bar and sip water regularly throughout the evening.

  1. Pay For The Bride:

While guests have to pay for their share of the party, as hosts, you must arrange for hens night activities and other things, including hens night games. Just because you're the maid of honour in charge of arranging the hens night, it does not mean you must bear all expenses as well. It's alright to ask the other bridesmaids to chip in for the bride and treat it as a shared gift for the bride-to-be.

  1. Don't Kiss And Tell:

What happens on a hens night stays at the hens party! Just as the boys have their rules for a stag night, girls also must have their code - you cannot post photos or videos about the event on social media unless the bride approves it. If the photo involves another guest, make sure you have their express permission as well. And don't post embarrassing photos ever!

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